Ml Lu Pu Lost Track Pivot

The last of the Nine Steps is the Mi Lu Pu, or Lost Track Pivot. It consists of two 90-degree side steps, turning the body to face oppositely from its original position. It is taken from the Lost Track Form, an ancient kata (practice form) of the Ninja. During Inpo, it is best employed to dart behind cover; in Tonpo, it may be used to suddenly turn and face the enemy, or to gain a position behind him.

Fig. 24 -Assume the following posture to practice this form. Stand in a basic Horse Stance, knees slightly bent with toes pointing forward, the body lowered slightly, shoulders squared, eyes looking straight ahead. The classic Two Man Exercise of this invisibility technique is to begin standing behind the training partner, completely hidden from view, and tap him on the left shoulder.

Fig, 25 - As he turns to see what touched him, shift your weight over the right foot and lean deeply toward your right forward corner.

Fig. 26 - As he looks back to his right, shift to your left. Drawing the right foot near the left ankle as you duck down to remain out of sight. Keep the shoulders square and hold the head steady. Do not try to keep looking forward, as this will upset your balance. Instead, focus your attention on the base of his skull.

Fig. 27 - As he continues to turn to his right, step forward past him with your right foot. The instant the right foot touches the ground, shift the weight to that side and execute a 90-degree pivot to your left rear corner, by drawing the right foot to the left ankle and stepping out 90 degrees to the right. You now face 180 degrees from your first position. Still behind the opponent.

Fig. 28- As he steps to his rear with his left foot, pursue the enemy and drop your left arm over his head in preparation for applying the Japanese Stranglehold.

Fig. 29 -Wrapping the left arm around his throat, apply the Sleeperhold and render him silently and painlessly unconscious. This technique has been used by soldiers and assassins for centuries to neutralize posted or patrolling sentries.

This is sometimes known as the Spinning Back Pivot, or the Box Step. When employing this technique to duck behind cover, or remain invisible behind an opponent, it is not always possible to make exact angles on these pivots. Only practice will enable you to master this. The exercise helps develop the legs and balance. It should be practiced by turning five times to the right and five to the left. Each partner taking a turn as the attacker and defender. Mi Lu Pivot is the primary exercise of Ninja invisibility.

[For more details of the Nine Steps, refer to Dancing Ninja Masters, Mi Lu Kata-The Dance of Invisibility, and Ninja Five Element Fist.]

Details of the Sleeperhold and other Sentry Removal techniques are given in a later section of this text. Note that the first three steps are linear, the second three ground level, and the third triad deal with techniques of remaining unseen in close proximity to the opponent, enabling the Ninja to use invisibility as a weapon.

Mi Lu Pivot (Step of Invisibility)

Mi Lu Pivot (Step of Invisibility)

Fig. 26

Fig. 24

Fig. 25

Fig. 26

Fig. 27

Fig. 27

Fig. 28

Fig. 29

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