More Kuji Ashi Ways To Move

FIG. 57 -When ascending a stairway, keep as close as possible to the wall and climb using Heng Pu, the Cross Step. On stone steps, this will aid in concealing your position; on wooden stairs, this will prevent creaking since the stairs are most secure nearest the wall and are thus less likely to shift as weight is applied.

Fig. 30 - It was said in ancient times that a Ninja cast no shadow. This applies equally to casting a reflection. Never pass a mirror openly. Even a tiny movement is reflected to every angle and an observer with his back to you will almost certainly catch the action. Treat mirrors as open windows, and cross outside their field of reflection.

Fig. 31- Beware also of where your shadow falls. The human silhouette is distinctive and easily recognizable. Even if you are out of view, your shadow may fall across the path of the enemy, revealing your position. In all these things, it is essential that you observe the enemy without being observed by him. Only in this way can you succeed.

This concludes the movements of the Kuji Ashi, by which it is possible to advance from one point of concealment to another without fear of discovery.

It cannot be stressed too highly that silence, speed, and careful consideration are the keys to this phase of Ninjitsu. 44

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