Peng Wei Crashing

The first principle of Tonpo is to escape as quickly as possible. The longer you remain in enemy control, the less likely you are to escape. Should your presence be discovered, vanish and follow your escape route to freedom. Should you be captured, and it becomes necessary to attempt escape from a guardhouse, consider the Peng Wei, or Crash Out.

Fig. 76-Locked doors which open outward may be kicked open in P'eng Wei, using the Dragon Stamp Kick or the more common Side Kick. Direct the force of the blow as close to the latch as possible, the object being to shatter the doorjamb with the bolt.

Fig. 77-The shoulder also can be used to force open the door. When striking the door with the shoulder, apply the force as near the center of the door as possible. This will bend the door, pulling the lock bolt clear of the doorjamb to spring it open. Doors with panels will shatter, causing you to fall forward. It is necessary that you roll out to avoid losing momentum. Striking with the shoulder may also be used against flimsy doors which open inward. To accomplish this feat requires a running start from several feet away. This adds momentum and impact.

A third P'eng Wei possibility calls for diving out a window. Again, it is essential to execute a forward roll on impact to avoid injury and to maintain momentum. In the case of diving out, you will land on the hands, which must collapse, allowing the shoulders to bear the brunt of the fall.

Diving through glass is not recommended, though it may be necessary if the window's lock cannot be compromised. In this event, cross both arms over the head to protect the face and eyes and drive forward. Extend the arms to break your fall once clear of the window, not before. Diving through glass with the arms extended results in serious injuries.

Sufficient forward momentum must be generated to clear the windowsill, since jagged bits of glass will cling to the frame and slash you. Never dive through a large plate glass window or door. Glass from the upper portion will fall and spear you before you can get clear. Smash these large windows with a chair or similar object, then escape.

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