SHA 5th Kanji Mudra

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The fifth center of power is located at the solar plexus. It represents the air element and is symbolized by two triangles-one facing up, the other down. Its color is smoky. This center controls respiration. The channel known as the Chueng Mo, or Thrusting Channel, ends at the heart, or solar plexus, having begun between the Jen Mo and the Tu Mo at the genitals. If this channel is not functioning properly, disorders of the digestive system will be seen. The base of The Eight Psychic Channels is the Gate of Mortality at the root of the genitals.

This is connected to the base of the spine by the Tu Mo, which in turn is linked with the Jen Mo in the brain. From there, the channel passes through the center of the head to the palate, or Heavenly Pool, where the Qi is collected and allowed to escape during meditation. Beneath the palate, the channel passes behind the throat, through the pulmonary artery and hepatic artery, past the diaphragm, behind the solar plexus, below the navel, and back to the genitals. In this way the Qi flows through the body.

Form the kanji by placing the palms together and spreading the fingers. Interlock the digits and close them so that the fingers rest on the backs of the hands. The thumbs are placed side-by-side, resting on the first knuckle of the index fingers. Lift the hands and hold them in front of the body. Describe the illustrated figure for visualization as before, using the thumbs as pointers. Place the hands in the lap.

Hold the head erect, facing forward with the eyes closed. Place the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Inhale and exhale through the nose as quickly and fully as possible eighty-one times. This supersaturates the blood stream with oxygen. On the eighty-first inhalation, hold the breath with the diaphragm. Retain this inhalation for eighty-one heartbeats. You will feet the beat of your pulse in the temples. This exercise develops the power to relieve pain through psychic means.

The yogic concept of prana is useful in understanding this. Prana is not the consciousness or the spirit, but is merely the energy used by the soul in its material and astral manifestations. Prana is in the air, but it is not the oxygen; it is in food, but is not the chemical components. It is absorbed by the body during respiration. One who can learn to control this pranic energy has the power to bring it to a state of vibration that can be conveyed to others, causing them to vibrate harmonically. He who has abundant pranic energy radiates strength and health.

When dealing with pranic energy, the physician must take care not to transient his own energy to the patient; rather, the physician must draw the patient's own energy and direct it to the source of the affliction. The source may be obscure at times, as there are many points of the body which may be invaded by illness, and many which are attacked by excesses. There is only one sure method of diagnosis: taking the pulses in the Chinese manner. This practice in itself calls for a subjective interpretation on the part of the physician. A wise physician will take his own pulse first, to insure his own calmness; he will also cleanse his mind after an examination, so that his previous diagnosis will not bias his findings.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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