So Hao Tsui Lockpicking Form

When confronted by a locked door, recourse sometimes must be made to the art of So Hao Tsui, or Lock-Picking Form. The ancient Ninja developed special tools for slipping the latches of their enemies.

To employ such tools, one kneels at the door, adjusting height so that eyes are even with the lock. In the case of modern manipulation, the turning wrench is held in the left hand, applied with a slight pressure, while the pick is inserted and used to set the pin tumblers by the right.

This posture is preferable especially at night, since it offers some concealment. There is a method known as raking, in which the pick is used in a rapid to-and-fro action to bounce the tumblers free. While raking, one should stand and appear to be trying to make a proper key work. This technique is often used by hotel burglars. If they are discovered, they can pretend to be closing the door instead of opening it.

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