Spin Method Of Throwing The Grapple

Fig. 45-Hold the grapple by the end of the chain and whirl it clockwise to build up momentum; the faster the spin, the higher the hook will sail. Centripetal force will cause the hook to fly off tangentially to the circular path which you are creating. Hold the rope loosely coiled in the left hand. Be careful to hold the hook away from the body, lest you accidentally hook your leg.

Fig. 46-Release the chain and grapple in an underhand toss in such a manner that the hook sails over the wall. Note that the line plays out of the left hand smoothly as the fingers are slightly opened.

This method is employed when it is necessary to scale an unusually high wall, or where there is little room to throw effectively.

Grapple Enemy


Fig. 47 -Hold the chain and grapple in the right hand by the loop. Let the grapple almost touch the ground near the right foot. Shift the weight slightly to the rear. Hold the rope loosely coiled in the left hand. Look at the spot where you want the grapple to strike.

Fig. 48-Sling the grapple over the wall in the same way you would shoot a hook shot in basketball. This is by far the most accurate method for scaling walls of moderate height. Note that the weight is shifted forward on the cast, and that the fine feeds smoothly out of the coils in the left hand.

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