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The seventh center of power is located at the site of the third eye, slightly above and between the eyebrows. The Yin Chiao, or Negative Leg Channel, rises from the instep through the inner leg, past the scrotum, up the center of the body, to this spot. If this channel is not functioning properly, one will sleep too much. This center represents the highest level of mind. Meditation on this site enables one to gain control over the various nerve centers of the body. Here also the astral counterpart of the sensory and motor nerve fibers of the spinal column converge. Along these travel the nerve impulses which control the body. In yoga this site is known as Triveni, or Three Knots.

One will also note an extraordinary spiritual strength, knowledge, and will power. This center is the seat of the force in the body. Its color is snow-white, its shape is triangular. The acquisition of the higher voice, or intuitional knowledge and clairvoyance, resides at this center, as does the soul. It is here that the Ninja directs his Qi at the time of death.

With continued practice, the serpent power of the first center rises, not to this level, but to the next, the cortical surface of the brain. This is sometimes referred to as the Thousand Petal Lotus.

Each of the centers so far experienced is also a center of consciousness which may be activated by the sound energy of a chant or by meditation. For each center there is a specific chant, and for each a specific mandala in the form of the visualized ideogram. By these means, the force may be channeled to perform the will. The passage of the serpent power from the lowest to the site of the seventh center constitutes the first third of1 the journey. From here the energy rises to the Lotus and merges with the consciousness of the Infinite. At this level, one overcomes the limits of time and space, and gains the ability to control the actions of others without physical contact.

Place the hands, palms together, fingers pointing upward. Fold the fingers of the left hand, leaving the index finger extended. Wrap the fingers of the right fist around the extended left finger and press the right thumbnail against the side of the left index fingernail at the point where the cuticle ends. You will know when you are pressing the right point; it will feel like a mild electric shock. This pinches off the flow of energy in the body and recirculates it through the Yin and Yang Wei Mo to the solar plexus, and hence to the third eye.

From this level on, only proper breathing techniques are employed, and the Kanji are visualized instead of being traced in the air. This is because, by this time, the student is sufficiently skilled in linking the memory and the imagination. This consists of inhaling through the nose for a period of four heartbeats, holding the inhalation with the diaphragm for two beats, exhaling for four beats, and holding the exhalation for two beats. This completes one round of the Fourfold Breath. The tip of the tongue remains lightly against the roof of the mouth. Repeat this exercise eighty-one times. If you are meditating with a chant for a specific center, the ex-halation will be performed through the mouth while forming the appropriate sound. It should be no longer than four heartbeats.

Only when the inner force has been consciously directed to this site can it be said that one has achieved success in controlling and manipulating the serpent power, which then appears as a flash of lightning. Even to reach this state requires at least nine years of hard work following the method and contemplation of one's Sensei.

The serious student is admonished again that the true power cannot be awakened without long and steady practice, and then is not given to one without the proper moral credentials to employ it.

Beware of those who would make you a master overnight. A true teacher never expects anything of his students, and awaits the proper time to teach everything.

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