Why You Should Learn Bow Hunting for Survival: Range Your Game

Bowhunting is a primal hunting technique for thousands of years. This survival skill is used for sport and hunting. With a simple bow, you can hunt your chosen targets. Thus it can save your life in the wilderness. If you have a bow set and you know how to hunt with it, then you can kill wild games or fishes with it. So, you don’t starve there and feel safe when you have this multi-purpose weapon in your hand.

Preparation is the key to success. Bowhunting learning is important for your own safety in overcoming survival situations. If there is nothing with you, even then you can make the full bow setups with the help of natural things around you. So, bowhunting learning is essential for all as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should learn bow hunting for survival.

Reasons to Learn Bow Hunting for Survival

In the age of technology, someone may ignore the importance of bowhunting learning. But, it is one of the most effective survival methods when you are stuck in the wilderness. That is why bowhunting preparation and how to make bows and arrows are very important.

There are different bows and arrows available. Some popular bows are traditional bow, longbow, recurve bow, compound bow, crossbow, etc. All of them have their special fields of use. If you think bowhunting is backdated considering the modern hunting tools, then you should read the following sections for knowing the importance of bowhunting learning.

No Starving When You Have a Bow

In the wilderness, a survivalist might face different problems. To collect enough foods are the prime challenging factor there. But, if you are a bowhunter then you needn’t worry about foods. There are plenty of wild animals to hunt such as white-tailed deer, elk, moose, etc. If you are not interested in wild games, then you can go for bow-fishing with your bow-arrow setup.

Bowhunting with Rangefinders

A bow set is a good weapon when you think about long-range hunting. If you have a bow, then you can kill without going very close to the targets. A skilled bowhunter can shoot targets about 50-100 yards far accurately. Additionally, if you have bowhunting accessories such as top-notch bowhunting rangefinder, then the hunting process will be more simplified. With a quality ranger, you can accurately track your target over long distances.

Protection Against Danger

In urban society, you can’t realize the value of a bow and arrow. But when you are alone or a group of people is in the deep forest then this hunting tool greatly works as a defensive technique to protect you from enemies. It will help you to protect yourself from wild animals or attackers. By using arrows, you can protect yourself from nearby sudden attackers.

A DIY Project

If you have nothing with you in intense survival situations don’t worry at all if you know how to make and use a bow. You can easily make a bow with some hardwood and you need some cattails and sticks for making arrows. Broadheads can be made from stone chips or broken glasses. Making sting may be challenging sometimes but it’s also possible. You need materials such as vines, strong plants or the fiber clothes you wear to make string.

As Plan B

Bowhunting plays a significant role in long-term survival. Your gun might be running out of ammunition in need of an emergency. In these situations, you can choose bowhunting as plan B. There are various places where you can’t use guns freely. Such places also allow you hunting with bows. Bowhunting laws and regulations are more flexible compared to guns. Also, you needn’t maintain any cumbersome paperwork to own bows and arrows.


Bows are highly available, and portable. You can carry the bow with arrows together in your bug out bag with ease. It is very cost-effective, even free if you’re DIY-ing. A quality bow will serve you for a lifetime. If you have nothing with you, also then you can make simple bow easily in the wilderness. A bowstring is a multipurpose tool. You can use bowstring for hunting as well as making traps and snares, trotline fishing, cordage for shelter building, even start a fire with the bow drill, and much more.

Silent Operation

While you go hunting with a gun, all animals around you will be alarmed and you have lost other targets. But when you need stealthy, silent or low sonic operations, then bow hunting is a good option. In bowhunting, you can hunt sports without alarming other animals, and return your camp safely without drawing unnecessary attention.

Improving Fitness

In survival situations, you need a certain fitness level to survive. Bowhunting learning and practicing will definitely improve your level of fitness. When you draw and retrieve the arrow your body burns some calories. This skill will strengthen your upper body and muscle.


Hopefully, you’ve realized the importance of bowhunting learning. With a bow in your hand, you can hunt different prey, and defend yourself in intense situations. It will save you from hidden attackers. We recommend you to learn bowhunting skills before going to your next survival trip. Your guns might fail but your bowhunting skills always support you in survival scenarios. Practice now and have a successful bowhunting!


Kalman is an avid hunter and night enthusiast. He loves to roam the wilderness with his friends and family. Expertnightvision.com is created to share his knowledge on night vision devices.

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