Clear and Pure Mind

Some people can't achieve tranquility when they do qigong exercises, and so they search for a method. Some have asked me: "Master, why can't I become tranquil when I perform qigong exercises? Can you teach me a method or technique so that I can become tranquil when I sit in meditation?" I ask, how can you become tranquil?! You still couldn't become tranquil even if a deity were to come teach you a method. Why? The reason is that your own mind isn't clear and pure. Because you live amid this society, things such as various emotions and desires, self-interest, personal matters, and even the affairs of your friends and family come to occupy your mind too much and assume a high priority. How could you become tranquil when seated in meditation? Even if you intentionally suppress them, they will still surface by themselves.

Buddhism's cultivation teaches "precept, samadhi, and wisdom." Precepts are for letting go of the things that you are attached to. Some Buddhists adopt the approach of chanting a Buddha's name, which requires concentrated chanting in order to achieve the state of "one thought replacing thousands of others." Yet it's not simply an approach, but a type of ability. You can try chanting if you don't believe it. I can promise you that other things will arise in your mind when you use your mouth to chant a Buddha's name. It was Tibetan Tantrism that first taught people how to chant a Buddha's name; one had to chant a Buddha's name hundreds of thousands of times each day for a week. They would chant until they got dizzy and then there would finally be nothing left in their minds. That one thought had replaced all others. That is a type of skill that you might not be able to perform. There are also some other methods that teach you how to focus your mind on your dantian, how to count, how to fixate your eyes on objects, and so on. In actuality, none of these methods can make you enter into complete tranquility. Practitioners have to attain a clear and pure mind, discard their preoccupation with self-interest, and let go of the greed in their hearts.

Whether you can enter stillness and tranquility is in fact a reflection of your ability and level. Being able to enter tranquility the moment you sit down indicates a high level. It's all right if for the time being you can't become tranquil—you can slowly accomplish this through cultivation. Your xinxing improves gradually, as does your gong. Your gong will never develop unless you attach little importance to self-interest and your own desires.

Practitioners should hold themselves to higher standards at all times. Practitioners are continuously interfered with by all kinds of complicated social phenomena, many vulgar and unhealthy things, and various emotions and desires. The things that are encouraged on television, in the movies, and in literature teach you to become a stronger and more practical person among everyday people. If you can't go beyond these things you will be even further away from a cultivator's xinxing and state of mind, and you will acquire less gong. Practitioners should have little to no dealings with those vulgar and unhealthy things. They should turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to them, being unmoved by people and things. I often say that the minds of everyday people cannot move me. I won't become happy when someone praises me, nor will I get upset when someone insults me. I remain unaffected no matter how serious the disruptions to xinxing among everyday people may be. Practitioners should take all personal gain lightly and not even care about it. Only then can your intention to become enlightened be considered mature. If you can be without strong pursuit of renown and personal gain, and even regard them as something inconsequential, you won't become frustrated or upset and your heart will always remain calm. Once you are able to let go of everything, you will naturally become clear and pure-minded.

I have taught you Dafa and all five sets of exercises. I have adjusted your bodies and installed Falun and energy mechanisms in them. My Law Bodies will protect you. All of what should be given to you has been given. During the class it's all up to me. From this point on, it's all up to you. "The master leads you through the door of cultivation, but it's up to you to continue cultivating." As long as you learn Dafa thoroughly, attentively experience and comprehend it, watch your xinxing at every moment, cultivate diligently, endure the worst sufferings of all, and forbear the hardships of all hardships, I believe you will surely succeed in your cultivation.

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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