Dimensions and Humankind

Q: How many levels of dimensions are there in the universe?

A: According to what I know, the number of layers of dimensions in the universe is innumerable. When it comes to the existence of various other dimensions, what exists in those dimensions and who lives there, it is very hard to know using current scientific means. Modern science has yet to produce material proof. However, some of our Qigong masters and people who possess supernormal capabilities can see other dimensions because other dimensions can only be seen by Tianmu (third eye), not the human eyes.

Q: Does every dimension embrace the characteristic of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (truthfulness-benevolence-forbearance)?

A: Yes, every dimension embraces the characteristic of "Zhen-Shan-Ren". People conforming to this characteristic are good people; people going against it are bad. Those who assimilate to it are enlightened.

Q: Where did the original mankind come from?

A: The original universe didn't have as many vertical or horizontal levels. It was quite pure. Over the course of its development and movement, life was developed. That was what we called the most original life. It was in conformity with the universe, and nothing bad existed. Being in conformity with the universe means that it was the same as the universe, having whatever capabilities the universe had. As the universe was developing and evolving, some heavenly paradises appeared. Later, more and more lives appeared. Speaking at a lower level, it became such that social groups were developed in which mutual relations were formed. During this evolutionary process, some people changed, deviating further away from the universal characteristic. They became not as good, so their supernormal powers weakened. So cultivators talk about "returning to truthfulness", which means to return to the original state. The higher the level, the more assimilated it is to the universe and the more powerful the capabilities are. At that time, some lives became bad during the evolution of the universe and yet, they couldn't be destroyed. Therefore, plans were made so that they could improve themselves and assimilate again to the universe. They were sent to a lower level to bear some sufferings and to improve themselves. Later, people continuously came to this level. Then a division happened at this level. People whose Xinxing deteriorated could no longer remain at this level. Hence another even lower level was created. It goes on like this, some lives descend further and gradually get separated until the level that our mankind is at today. This is the origin of today's mankind.

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