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Q: What does the Falun consist of?

A: The Falun is an intelligent being consisting of high-energy substances. It transforms Gong (cultivation energy) automatically and it does not exist in our dimension.

Q: What does the Falun look like?

A: It can only be said that the color of a Falun is golden yellow. This color does not exist in our dimension. The background color of the inner circle is a very bright red. The background of the outer circle is orange. There are two red-and-black Taichi (Yin-Yang) symbols, which belong to the Tao School. There are also two other red-and-blue Taichi symbols, which belong to the Great Pre-Taoism School. These are two different schools. The swastika symbol "rt!" is golden yellow. People with Tianmu (third eye) of a lower level see the Falun rotate similar to an electric fan. If one can see it clearly, it is very beautiful and can inspire the practitioner to cultivate even harder and strive forward vigorously.

Q: Where is Falun located initially? Where is it located later?

A: I really only gave you one Falun. It is located at the lower abdomen, the same location where the Dan (energy cluster) we talked about is cultivated and kept. Its position does not change. Some people can see many Falun spinning. Those are used externally by my Fashen (law body) to adjust your body.

Q: Can Falun be developed through practice and cultivation? How many of them can be developed? Is there any difference between these and the one given by master?

A: Falun can be developed through practice and cultivation. As your energy potency continues to strengthen, more and more Falun will be developed. All Falun are the same. The only thing is that the Falun located at the lower abdomen area does not move around, because it is the root.

Q: How can one feel and observe the presence and rotation of the Falun?

A: There is no need to feel or observe it. Some people are very sensitive, and will feel the rotation of Falun. During the initial period after Falun is installed, you may feel a little unused to it being in your body, you may have abdominal pain, or feel like something is moving and have the sense of warmth, etc. After you have adapted to it, you will not have any sensation. But, people with supernormal capabilities can see it. It is just the same with the stomach; you do not feel the movement of your stomach.

Q: The direction in which the Falun rotates on the Falun emblem is not the same as the one on the student pass (referring to the first and second seminars). The Falun printed on the student pass for the seminar rotates counterclockwise. Why?

A: The goal is to give you something good. Its outward emission of energy adjusts everyone's body, so it does not rotate clockwise. You can see it rotating.

Q: At what time does master install the Falun in the students?

A: We want to discuss this with all of you here. We have some students who have practiced many different practices. The difficulty lies in the fact that we have to get rid of all the messy and disorderly things that exist in the body, keeping the good and throwing away the bad. Therefore, this is an additional step. After that, Falun may be installed. According to the level of his cultivation, the size of Falun installed varies. Some have never practiced Qigong before. Through readjustment and with good inborn quality, some people may have their sicknesses eliminated in my class, leaving the level of Qi and entering into the state of "Milky White Body". Under those circumstances, Falun can also be installed. Many people have poor health. They are undergoing adjustments continuously. How can Falun be installed before the adjustments are completed? This is only a minority. Do not worry. I have already installed the Qiji (energy mechanism) that can form the Falun.

Q: How is the Falun carried?

A: It is not carried. I send out the Falun and install it in your lower abdomen. It is not in our physical dimension, but in a different one. If it were in this dimension, with the intestines that are inside of your lower abdomen, what would happen if it started to spin? It exists in another dimension and is in no conflict with this one.

Q: Will you continue to give out Falun in your next class?

A: You will get only one. Some people sense the rotation of many Falun. These are for external use, only for the purpose of adjusting your body. The biggest feature of our exercise is when energy is emitted, a string of Falun are being released. Therefore before you start to practice, you already have many Falun spinning in your body, adjusting your body. The Falun that I truly give to you is the one located in the lower abdomen.

Q: Does ceasing practice mean the disappearance of Falun? How long can Falun stay in my body?

A: As long as you regard yourself as a cultivator and follow the Xinxing (mind-nature) requirements that I have discussed, when you do not practice, not only does it not disappear, but it strengthens. Your energy potency will even continue to grow. But on the contrary, if you practice more often than anyone else, but fail to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Xinxing I require, I am afraid these practices would be a waste. Although you practice, it will not work. No matter what kind of practice system you do, if you do not do it according to the requirements, it is very probable that you are cultivating an evil practice. If you have only those bad things on your mind, thinking, "How bad so-and-so is, I will fix him once I have developed capabilities," etc., even if you are learning Falun Gong, when you add these things into it and do not follow my Xinxing guidelines, aren't you practicing an evil practice, too?

Q: Master frequently says, "You cannot get Falun even if you spend $100 million." What does it mean?

A: It means that it is too precious. What I give you is not only a Falun. Other things that guarantee your cultivation are also precious, and cannot be exchanged for any amount of money.

Q: Can people who came in late get Falun?

A: If you came in before the last three days, you can get your body adjusted and Falun installed, along with many other things. If you came during the last three days, that is hard to say. But, you will still get adjustments. It is difficult to install things. If perhaps you have good conditions, they may be installed in you.

Q: Is Falun the only thing used to rectify any incorrect condition of the human body?

A: Rectification does not entirely rely on the Falun. The master also uses many other methods for rectification.

Q: What is the prehistoric background of the creation of Falun Gong?

A: I think this is too broad of a question and too high of a level too. It surpasses what we are entitled to know given the level we are in. I cannot discuss it here. But, there is one thing you must understand. This is not Qigong of Buddhism; it is Qigong of the Buddha School. It is not Buddhism. However, we have the same goal as Buddhism. It is just that we are two different cultivation methods, taking two different paths. Our goal is the same.

Q: How long is the history of Falun Gong?

A: The practice system I practiced is a little different than the system I made public. The Falun I cultivated is more powerful than what is being taught and passed on. In addition, Gong (cultivation energy) developed faster than what is permitted under this system. In spite of that, the practice system I introduced to the public still permits rapid growth of Gong, so the requirement on the cultivator's Xinxing is stricter and higher. The things I introduced to the public have been rearranged with a less strict requirement, but are still stricter than an average cultivation way. Since it is different from what it originally was, I am called the founder. Relative to the length of the history of Falun Gong, not counting the years when it was not public, you can say it started from last May (1992) when I began teaching it in the Northeast.

Q: As we listen to your lectures, what does master give us?

A: I give everyone Falun. There is a Falun for cultivation and there are Falun for adjusting the body. At the same time, my Fashen (law body) is taking care of you, every one of you, as long as you cultivate Falun Gong. If you do not cultivate, the Fashen naturally will not look after you. He would not go even if he were told to. My Fashen knows clearly and exactly what you are thinking about.

Q: Can Falun Gong allow me to cultivate the Righteous Attainment?

A: Dafa (Great Law) has no limits. Even if you have cultivated to the level of "Tathagata", it is still not the end. We are a righteous Fa. Go ahead and cultivate. What you will get is the Righteous Attainment.

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