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Theoretically speaking, qigong treatments are completely different from the treatments given at hospitals. Western treatments utilize methods of everyday people's society. Despite having means such as laboratory tests and X-ray examinations, they can only observe the sources of illness in this dimension and they cannot see fundamental causes that exist in other dimensions. So they fail to understand the cause of illness. Medication can remove or drive away the origin of a patient's illness (which is considered a pathogen by Western doctors, and karma in qigong) if he or she isn't seriously ill. Medicine will be ineffective in the event that the illness is serious, as the patient might be unable to bear increased dosages. Not all illnesses are constrained by the laws of this world. Some illnesses are quite serious and exceed the confines of this world, rendering hospitals incapable of curing them.

Chinese Medicine is the traditional medical science in our country. It is inseparable from the supernormal abilities developed through cultivation of the human body. Ancient people paid special attention to cultivation of the human body. The Confucian School, the Dao School, the Buddha School—and even the students of Confucianism—have all attached importance to meditation. Sitting in meditation used to be considered a skill. Even though they didn't perform exercises, over the course of time they still developed their gong and supernormal abilities. Why was Chinese acupuncture able to detect the human body's meridians so clearly? Why aren't the acupuncture points connected horizontally? Why aren't they crossed, and why are they connected vertically? Why were they able to be mapped out with such accuracy? Modern people with supernormal abilities can see with their own eyes the same things that those Chinese doctors portrayed. This is because the famous ancient Chinese doctors generally had supernormal abilities. In Chinese history, Li Shizhen, Sun Simiao, Bian Que, and Hua Tuo23 were all in fact qigong masters with supernormal abilities. In being passed down to this day, Chinese Medicine has lost its supernormal ability component and has only retained the treatment techniques. In the past, Chinese doctors used their eyes (with supernormal abilities) to diagnose illness. Later, they also developed the method of taking pulses.24 If supernormal abilities were added back into the Chinese methods of treatment, one could say that Western Medicine wouldn't be able to catch up with Chinese Medicine for many years to come.

Qigong treatments eliminate the root cause of illness. I regard illness as one type of karma, and to treat an illness is to help diminish this karma. Some qigong masters treat illness by using the method of discharging and supplementing qi to help patients eliminate black qi. At a rather low level these masters discharge black qi, yet they don't know the root cause of the black qi. This black qi will return and the illness will relapse. The truth is that the black qi is not the cause of the illness—the existence of black qi only makes the patient feel uncomfortable. The root cause of the patient's illness is an intelligent entity that exists in another dimension. Many qigong masters don't know this. Since that intelligent entity is mighty, average people are not able touch it, nor would they dare to. Falun Gong's way of treatment focuses on and starts with that intelligent entity, removing the root cause of the illness. Moreover, a shield is installed in that area so that the illness will be unable to invade again.

Qigong can heal illness but it can't interfere with the conditions of human society. It would interfere with the conditions of everyday people's society if it were applied on a large scale, and that is not allowed; its healing effects wouldn't be good either. As you may know, some people have opened qigong diagnostic clinics, qigong hospitals, and qigong rehabilitation centers. Their treatments might have been quite effective before they opened these businesses. Once they open a business to treat illnesses, the effectiveness plummets. This means that people are prohibited from using supernatural methods to fulfill the functions of everyday people's society. Doing so certainly reduces their effectiveness to a level as low as the methods of everyday people's society.

A person can use supernormal abilities to observe the inside of a human body layer by layer, similar to how medical cross sectioning is done. Soft tissues and any other part of the body can be seen. Though the current CAT scan is able to see clearly, the use of a machine is still required; it is really time consuming, uses a great deal of film, and is quite slow and costly. It is not as convenient or accurate as human supernormal abilities. By closing their eyes to do a quick scan, qigong masters are able to see any part of the patient directly and clearly. Isn't this high tech? This is even more advanced than what is considered high tech today. Yet this kind of skill already existed in ancient China—it was the "high tech" of ancient times. Hua Tuo discovered a tumor on Cao Cao's25 brain and wanted to perform surgery on him. Cao

23 Li Shizhen (lee shr-juhn), Sun Simiao (sun szz-meow), Bian Que (byen chueh), and Huatuo (hwa-toah)—famous doctors of Chinese medicine in ancient times.

24 In Chinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis is a complicated art used to evaluate the vitality of each individual internal organ of the body.

25 Cao Cao (tsaow-tsaow)—an emperor during the Three Kingdoms period (220 - 265 a.d.).

Cao had Hua Tuo arrested, because he couldn't believe it and mistook it as a way to harm him. Cao Cao eventually died as a result of the brain tumor. Many great Chinese doctors in history really possessed supernormal abilities. It is just that people in this modern society zealously pursue practical things and have forgotten the ancient traditions.

Our high-level qigong cultivation should reexamine traditional things, inherit and develop them through our practice, and reuse them to benefit human society.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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