Some Basic Requirements and Words of Caution for Practicing Falun Gong

1. The five sets of exercises of Falun Gong can be practiced consecutively or selectively. However, usually it is required that you begin practice with the first set of exercises. Moreover, it would be best to do the first set of exercises three times. Certainly, the other sets may still be practiced without doing the first one. Each set can be practiced individually.

2. Each movement should be carried out with accuracy and clear rhythm. The hands and arms should move smoothly, up and down, back and forth, left and right. Following the Qiji (energy mechanism), move unhurriedly, slowly and smoothly. Do not move too fast or too slow.

3. You must keep yourself under the control of your main consciousness during practice. Falun Gong cultivates the main consciousness. Do not deliberately seek swaying. Contain the swaying of the body when it does happen. You may open your eyes if you have to.

4. Relax the entire body, particularly in the areas of the knees and hips. The energy channel will become obstructed if you stand too rigidly.

5. During the exercises, the movements should be relaxed and natural, free and extended, easy and unencumbered. The movements should be firm yet gentle, with some power yet no rigidity or stiffness. Doing so will result in noticeable effectiveness.

6. Everytime when you are finished practicing, you end the movements but not the Gong. You only need to Jieyin (conjoin the hands). The end of Jieyin means the end of the movements. Do not put an end to the Gong using intention because Falun can never stop rotating.

7. Those who are weak or chronically ill may practice according to their conditions. They may practice less or choose to do any of the five sets. For those who cannot perform movements, they may practice the sitting in the lotus position instead. However, you should continue to practice.

8. There are no special requirements in terms of the location, time or direction during practice. However, a clean site and quiet surroundings are recommended.

9. These exercises are practiced without using any mindwill. You will never go deviant. But, do not mix Falun Gong with any other system of cultivation. Otherwise, the Falun will become deformed.

10. When you find it really impossible to enter into tranquillity during practice, you may chant the name of the master. As time passes, you will be able to gradually enter into the state of tranquillity.

11. Some tribulations may come up during practice. That is one way of paying off the karma. Everybody has karma. When you sense discomfort in your body, do not think of it as an illness. In order to eliminate karma and to pave the way for cultivation, some tribulations may come sooner and earlier.

12. If you cannot cross your legs for the sitting exercise, you may first practice this set by sitting on the edge of a chair. The same effectiveness can also be achieved this way. But as a practitioner, you must be able to do the lotus position. As time progresses, you shall certainly be able to do it.

13. In doing the tranquil exercise, should you see any pictures or scenes, pay no attention to them, and go on with your practice. If you are interfered with by some terrifying scenes or feel threatened, you should immediately remember, "I am protected by the master of Falun Gong. I am not afraid of anything." Alternatively, you may also call out the name of Master Li, and continue on with your practice.

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