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Q: Are tribulations tests arranged by master for the students?

A: You can say that. These are planned to improve your Xinxing (mind-nature). Suppose your Xinxing has not reached that level, will you be allowed to reach enlightenment and complete your cultivation? Does it work if we send an elementary school student to college? I don't think so! If we let you cultivate to a higher level when your Xinxing has not been improved in the true sense and you still cannot lighten you view on anything or let go of anything, you might argue with the enlightened ones over trivial things. That would not be right! This is why we put so much emphasis on Xinxing.

Q: What is the difference between tribulations of cultivators and those of ordinary people?

A: We cultivators are not much different from ordinary people. Your tribulations are arranged based on your path as a cultivator. Since ordinary people are paying off karma of ordinary people, they all have tribulations. It doesn't mean that since you are a cultivator, you will have tribulations, and that since you are an ordinary person, you don't. It is the same in both regards. It is just that your tribulations are orchestrated for the purpose of improving your Xinxing; whereas his tribulations have been orchestrated to pay off his karmic debt. The truth of the matter is that tribulations are your own karma that I utilized to improve the disciples' Xinxing.

Q: Are tribulations similar to those 81 hardships that occurred on the Journey to the West to get the scriptures (a cultivation story from the Chinese classical book Journey to the West) ?

A: There is a little similarity. The lives of cultivators have been prearranged. You won't have too many or too little hardships, but it is not necessarily 81 of them. This depends on how high you can cultivate to with your inborn quality. It has been planned according to the level you may achieve. Cultivators will experience the process of letting go of everything that ordinary people have but cultivators shouldn't have. It is indeed tough. We will think of ways that will make you give up all the things that you find hard to give up, and therefore improve your Xinxing through tribulations.

Q: What if when we practice, there are people who try to sabotage it?

A: Falun Gong is not afraid of sabotage by other people. At the initial stage, you have my Fashen protecting you, but it is not absolute that you won't encounter anything. It is impossible to develop Gong by sitting on a couch drinking tea all day. Sometimes when you encounter tribulations, you call out my name and will see me right in front of you. I may not assist you, because that is what you need to overcome. But when you are truly in danger, I will help you. However, normally, real danger doesn't exist because your path has been changed and nothing accidental is allowed to intervene.

Q: How should we deal with tribulations?

A: I have emphasized it repeatedly: Guard your Xinxing! If you don't think that the things you have done are bad, then it is good. Particularly when others have invaded your interest for certain reasons, if you fight back like an ordinary person, you will have become an ordinary person, too. Because you are a cultivator, you should not handle things that way. The Xinxing-interfering things that you run into are to improve your Xinxing. It all depends on how you deal with them and whether you maintain and improve your Xinxing from this matter.

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