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Move More Look The Same

The first premise regarding the necessity of aerobic training that I'd like to take on is the targeted heart rate theory. The belief is that once the heart rate is elevated to 60 of its maximum potential for over 20 minutes, the body begins to burn fat. Makes sense. I guess. You'll sure be burning a whole lot of calories. But if this method is so effective, why is it that I see so many aerobic instructors who are obviously in great cardiovascular condition with big fat asses What happens once carbs are depleted Now we enter the fat burning zone, don't we Not so fast Sparky. It still has another 4 calorie per gram energy available -- protein. What's so bad about that Well, just as the body doesn't discern where the fat comes from, it also doesn't know a protein molecule in a piece of steak from a protein molecule in a piece of human muscle tissue. The muscle on your body is a readily available source of energy just waiting to be used. So whenever you do aerobic activity, you're burning...

The Heart Of The Matter

Along the same lines one must realize, any activity will burn calories and induce weight loss, especially if the trainee is new to an exercise program. But even in the case of previously untrained subjects, aerobics are the least effective of all forms of exercise for fat loss. When it comes to calling on its energy resources, the body doesn't know if it's lifting a barbell or running on a treadmill. It's expending effort, burning calories and stressing the nervous system with both activities. Of course, cardio training is of a lower intensity and longer duration. That's exactly what makes it less effective. If low intensity, long duration burns fat (which it does) then all activity, short of being in a coma, will burn fat -- which it does -- just not enough to make a difference. Of course, keeping the rest period in between sets brief is the best fat burning tactic there is, yet people ignore it to ride a bike that doesn't go anywhere. Go figure.

Even Fat Has Its Place

You must be conscious of what fats you consume. Fats are categorized as either saturated or unsaturated. Unsaturated fats are categorized as either monosaturated or polysaturated. Saturated fats are those such as meat, butter, and milk. Saturated fats remain solid at room temperature and should be avoided. Saturated fats clog arteries and raise cholesterol levels. Polysaturated fats (such as fish oil) and monosaturated fats (such as olive oil) can actually lower cholesterol levels. Stick with poly or monosaturated forms and STAY AWAY from saturated fats

How To Develop A Perfect Body

Another important point I want to make is the body. Working and exercising not only that you can't lose weight by just sweating. You shrinks these fat cells but burns them up due to can only lose weight by perspiring due to physical the bodies need for nutrition caused by the exercise, not just by sweating due to outside air working of the muscles. If all you needed to do

Note To The Diehards

There's also some controversy as to when aerobic activity should be executed. The precept currently in vogue is to do aerobics in the morning on an empty stomach, the theory being that you will more quickly use up stored carbohydrates and burn fat faster. I don't agree with this line of thinking. Without available carbs, the body is more vulnerable to catabolism. If you insist on running, the preferable time would be at the end of a workout. In this way, the heart rate is already elevated and less activity will be required to achieve the desired effect.

How Much Fat Carbohydrates And Protein

Fat is the next best source of energy during prolonged exercise. When your stored glycogen runs out, your body burns fatty acids for energy. Unfortunately, fat is not a good energy source for anaerobic activities (such as boxing, wrestling, and grappling). These anaerobic activities involve explosive movements and actions. Fats are NOT an efficient source of energy during anaerobic activity. Stay away from saturated fats and keep your total fat intake below fifteen percent of your daily calories (ten percent is better). Large amounts of fat will lead to added body fat. In addition, excessive fat intake causes frequent urination. Basically, you piss away all of your minerals. Bad idea

Additional Supplements

HMB - HMB plays a role in the synthesis of muscle tissue. It helps to burn fat and build muscle consistently in response to exercise. HMB increases the rate of protein being used to increase muscle growth, while decreasing the tear down of muscle that occurs after intense resistance exercise. HMB is especially important during low-carb diets as it reduces muscle-tissue breakdown. You will notice results with 5 grams per day.

Additional Tips For Weight Loss

Kiss Starvation Goodbye - One of the most important steps to getting in shape and burning fat is to EAT A lot of people stop eating to lose weight. WRONG When your body notices a shortage in food, it responds by protecting against the loss of fat. It slows down the burning of calories. Your body basically notices starvation so holds on to as many calories as possible. Rather than burn calories, you conserve them. Eat five small meals and you will keep the metabolism cranking

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

1) You will enter the fat burning zone much more quickly. Add to the mix a greater increase in growth hormone release due to the applied intensity, and what you wind up with is a powerful combination for burning fat The simplest approach to utilizing a no-aerobic aerobic workout is to start with the basis of the training you are now using. Let's say you train back and biceps together. This would work well due to the fact that the biceps will be warmed up and ready to go after working the back. There would be no need to lessen the momentum warming up a new body part, therefore, fat burning intensity is maintained. You may think that a quicker paced, almost circuit training styled routine would require higher reps, but that isn't so. The elevated heart rate achieved comes from keeping the breaks short You can continue to train in a rep range as low as 6 to 8 reps if you like. In this manner, the muscle is more involved in the activity.

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Conditioning

Training in the Healthy Heart Zone will strengthen your heart so that it may pump oxygen-rich blood to your muscles more efficiently. This zone is excellent to burn fat while recovering from more intense training days. Your low intensity running days should be completed at or below 70 of your MHR.

Status Quo Woes

No wonder so many people throw in the towel and lament, It's impossible It isn't impossible. There is a positive flip side to this phenomenon. If you have enough muscle, you can eat more and still remain the same bodyweight. More calories will provide more energy and once again, since the body wants to maintain homeostasis, it will burn those extra calories, if your muscle to fat ratio is high. This re-confirms the fact that the emphasis must be on building muscle and not on trying to burn fat by punishing the body in an attempt to use up calories.

Supersets Revisited

Since we are now training aerobically, supersetting becomes a viable and even a preferable option. Once again, the objective is to work the muscles and elevate body temperature (which burns fat) by executing the pace as quickly as possible. Try this program for a week or two and you will see for yourself what a terrific alternative it is to traditional aerobic training. Do not engage in any other aerobic work when implementing this routine Not even on off days. (An off day should be a day off.) This is all the aerobic work you will need. Not only will you be increasing your cardiovascular ability, but you will more efficiently burn fat and probably feel a pump like you haven't experienced in some time. When discussing nutritional strategies for the bodybuilder, it's doubtful a discussion can last for two minutes without someone mentioning the ketogenic diet. This controversial method of losing weight and burning fat has become a widely utilized diet plan among bodybuilders embarking...

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Fat Burning Foods

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