ThU U one of the many double stick drills (Sln.iwnlll) used In Kail. In the? drill you make contact on the stick hut In actual combat you would try to hit the hand Instead. The lO movement* should be done In less than 4 seconds. When don«- right it ts exciting to watch. Slnawalll drills can be done on the ground as well as standing.

Environmental Training

Whether onif tyle o: fighting K better t another depends on the opponent's tactics and the situation. You may like to fight long range, but if your opponent a close in fighter and he get- within a coup!«- fee: of you. you'd better change your preferences. Likewise, you may prefer a lot of footwork and body angling, but ;f you're fighting on ice you might want to start out by sitting down

It's easy to develop preference .. especially when all your training is done in :deal situations where you can select whatever method suits you, but when the real thing occurs chances are the ideal situations won't be prev ent Training with different people or with a partner who can change his tactics readily will cover one aspect of the variables you may encounter Environmental training, where your movement is hampered by your surroundings will cover the other I he following .ire few that LKO (-IRON >u<ig»sted that Danny and his students practice Most of the suggested tactii s are his well Try the tac tics described first, then work on your own ideas.

At the Door

You make a stand against attackers trying to break into your house by meeting them # the door Horizontal strikes are useless because of the limited space. Vertical strikes and striken along the- X" pattern arc the mot* practical. Thrusts may be used as well

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