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For now. we'll call all the blocks and deflections simply "defenses." because in Escrima whether a defensive move is a block ot a deflection often depends on how the force of the strike reacts If :t stops cold or bounces straight back it was blocked. If it continues to move forward but the defense causes it to veer off slightly, then it was deflected and often the Escrimador himself doesn't know which it will be until he actually feels the force of the strike.

For the sake of organization, we'll first consider just the defenses for strikes comuuj in from either side These would be the angles one. two. three, four. six. seven, riirie and ten. Angles six and seven are treated about the same a-, angles one and two. but the defender must be more conscious of deflecting these thrusts outward on the side that each occurs Six and seven are fast moves and trying to deflect them across the center of the body will usually result in being hit.

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