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2. staff

5 start

6 staff

7 sword


6 staff 7. sword

The attacker »nay also want to employ kicks

9. sword dagger 9 lO 2 swords 10 i 1 sword & dagger I 1

12 .Vlnch stick 12

13 empty hands 13.

2 swords sword & dagger sword dagger 2 swords f> Inch »tick Two 5 inch sticks

1 dagger

2 daggers

A two-man exercis*- to develop the flow can be done by cutting all the movements down to one-quarter or one half speed The first man delivers a strike and the second man blocks or deflects it Without stopping his »notion. the second man directs o single counter-strike to hK partner's head, legs or f»o<Vy The first man defends and returns with his own counterstrlke which the second man defends against And so on Passes can also be used .is well a> ftentle forgo mono meets and fol lows, but the person using the pass, meet or follow must then direct a strike to his partner's head, legs o» body to continue the motion In cality, any hit such as a meet or follow or a -ountcrstrike delivered while simultaneously passing the opponent's weapon would end the opponent's ability to continue Remem-ber. this is Just a drill to develop the flow, nothing more The reason for hitting to the head, legs or body ts to give the fighters tiro« .in.,! incentive to practice their body anghng.

Tor sheer reaction training, the speed can be increased with feint* (false moves) thrown in. Body angling w:ll decrease as will th? amount of motion for each defense or countersinks. as the overall speed of the exert i<* Increases Counterstrikes to the hand or arm should be avoided in this exercise. They are the hardest moves to defend against and could very likely result in injury

The Flow

Flowing properly is something that a book can't even pretend to teach Defined. flowing means redirecting one's own energy to stay i»\ constant motion while moving with the opponent'-. energy. Combatively, the flow :s like a flash flood ii the desert It moves to the place* of least resistance and overwhelms them with sheer unchallenged momentum In Eschma and Kali, the body moves like that while the weapon, particularly the stick, ricochets from hit to hit. accentuated when ever possible by the momentum of the fight ♦rr'% body

In beginning training, the flow is more complementary Both fighters v. ill hold back their energy, one giving the other just enough to react to ;t and work with ;t I ike two players rallying in tennis to get practice and not trying to make each other miss the ball

This »erics shows a direct hitting drill. You continue back an«! forth without a pause. This drill teaches flow, timing, distance and you learn to lean away from your opponents weapon.

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