One of the safest places to move is along the d line t«> what B<*n l.argusa and the Kali people refer to a% the "zero pressure area " This placer, you .it the end of the arc where the opponent's shoulder has neared its rnaxi mum extension and the force of his swing has diminished to nothing This route also gives you extra time because il is the shortest d.t. tance to the end of his longer. arcing motion and zones you away from his rear hand.

The a line in this case would be the leas? favorable choice since it moves you directly into the tip of the oncoming weapon Your momentum, your position or the speed of the opponent's attack might dictate that you take the blow on that line, however. In luch a case, you might use a defensive move, such as a hit into the opponent's oncoming arm to slow it down, then pass it through with your free hand and hit again as his arm goes by.

Before going into replacements however, let's Jook at l ow one change of angle can af feet the direction you might want to take. If the stnke were coming in at an angle like a "number two* strike, the o line might be a favorable one to take Then it would be the fastest route out of the path of the weapon m m m m

Learn how stepping into one of the four directions affects each of the twelve strikes by having someone deliver them to you in slow motion.

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