Middle roof

High roof

Middle roof

The main consideration here is that the fighter get his head out of the way He must angle his head off the reverberation line unless he's certain that his block will have enough force to completely overpower the opponent's strike A step to the direction of

High roof the fighter's own weapon hand (to the rkjht In the pictures above) wi!) odd an extra safety factor.

Like all defenses, the roof block may occur a! various levels to accommodate different attacks.

The umbrella begins cxactly llke the roof block but is des>gned to deflect « stronger sinke or heavier weapon. As the ftghter's head angles to the side. the tlp of his weapon drops behind his left Shoulder (for a right hander) and Ins left hand acts an assist to sJide the opponent's sinke outwaid and down ward At the same tlme. the fighter'* right hand drops am! his weapon curves around the back of lis neck into position lor .1 strike

Becau-.e the umbrella takes longer. is usually reserved for emergencies where the roof block is insufficient A hint in developing the ability to flow quickly from a roof block to an umbrella is to learn to dip your head off to the side quickly.



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