Blocks And Deflections

There *s sometimes a very fine Ut\e between what Is a block and what is a deflection Defined, a block occurs when the opponent's strike ;s met force against force and stopped It is a movement that hits directly into the movement plane of the opponent's strike

The Illustrations below show how a block with a heavier weapon may stop tr-.e opponent's strike completely, even bounce it back slightly.

Self Defence Blocks

A Wock h «iesi when carrying a weapon heavier titan that of the opponent's. The timing on a block Is best when (a) executed al the beginning of the opponents strike (jamming), or (bj executed near the zero pressure area

A deflection cuts into the opponent** lovement plane at an angle It does not stop ie opponent's motion, but merely alters Its ourse. Because the opponent's weapon i% iil moving, a deflection even more than a lock should flow directly Into a counterslrike efore the opponent has time to turn his

weapon Inward again

The diagram below shows how both the opponent's motion and the defender's motion are affected in a deflection The pictures illustrate ways a deflection may flow instantly into a strike.

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