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As you can see it's obvious that no race, or nation can claim a monopoly on all things that are good, or for that matter, all the things that are bad

The Filipinos had women's liberation and sufferage long before :t was thought of in the United States The United States has yet to have a woman President. The Philippines had a "Queen Elizabeth" tn the person of Princess Urduja. She was considered the mighty warrior queen of ancient Pangasanan. It is said that she ruled her people wisely and had commercial trade with various countries like Java. China and India. She knew several languages and took pan in many battles. Princess Urdu>a was only one of many female leaders during pre-Spanish times. There was Princess Sima. Princess Pang:an Inchi Jamlla of Jolo the best swordswoman in the Philip pines, Queen Maniwanthvan. Lela Men Chanei the Princess of Sulu who invaded and conquered Manila in the 15th Century and Josefa Gabriela who took full command of her husband's army during the rebellion against the Spanish Gabriela was called the llocano "Joan of Arc." There were General Agueda Kahab&gan. Tuambalocam the Sultana of Jolo who led the Muslim wai rioxs against the famous Spanish General Corcuera in 1637, Teresa Mogbanua was a general whose exploits are still remembered by the living survivors of that stormy era from 1896 to 1901. These were but a few names in a long list of heroines in Filipino history. According to the June 1969 issue of PACE magazine "the Filipino woman has achieved the highest educational level of any woman in America/*

It is ironic that I began a journey looking for the implements of war and ended up appreciating the skills of the. so-called, "weaker sex."

A^ a martial artist I first noticed tlx? fighting arts at the tip of the iceberg. I gradually worked my way down, via intensive research, with an open mind This is a life time )ourney w,th out end.

The martial artu are like an iceberg. Only the top is noticed by the general public. iSeneath the surface the martial arts hai-c a lot more to offer.

(3).Fighting arts forti

Fighting g^owth^k

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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