The beauty of the Filipino arts lic-H In th freedom for creativity. This technique is similar to the disarm on the previous page, hut the opponent Is encouraged to counter. He does so by quickly suitching hands and striking to the head. This Interchange con tinues with both parties gaining knowledge. The end result Is not a technique or a counter but a working solution.

Remember, all defensive moves are only the- first half of a total move F.aeh defense

!r. as the nitiation of the counterattack There should be no pause between the initia tion (the defensive move) and the attack.

I he simplest example of "offensive lefense" • the roof block that doesn't stop in combat until it hits in this example, the head.

But in real combat, even the defensive move itself is offensive because, providing there is time and the fighter is close enough, the initial defensive movement strikes the arm

Ha m or hand carrying the weapon and nor the weapon, Then, in the case of our example, it travels on to the head before the movement is complete.

Use butt of weapon or %flck itself.

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