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One of tlx» things «Ivit captivated oudu-ncc« n Br.. <:»' UvS ENTER THE DRAGON and GAME OF DEATH wo$ his use of weapons. two specifically - ihe nunchaku and the double ^>cks Since the movies. the popularity ol the nuncKaku And martial «fin uvnpom Km grown cnormoukly

Still, very tew peopie know the origin of 'Bruce Lee's weapon prouess. h was taught as *capcxvs r>f the F ':pln<> art of combat

The Filipino martial arts so fascinated the late Bruce Lee that he featured a in his movie. GAME OF DEATH a* tlx? martial art wcond only to The Unknown Style It wai thought *>y ton of his students to symbotue the style of the Individual.

"Bruce could perform the Filipino martial art* naturally. because he had already reached that Level on his own." says Dan Inosanto. The level he speaks of is one of understanding where all the v.muv art* flow nto one and principles of eff-c .ency become the only bov \ Th* I llipno martial arts begins with those principles that simplify all combat movement, weaponed or empty hand, and develops from there This simpler path to understanding, the adaptability and the founda r>ons of the art rooted combative movement are perhaps the things Bruce Lee admired most about the Ffcbpfno martial arts

So where has the Filipino martial arts been7 Why isn't :t a we2 known art7 Like Kung-Fu before Bruce Lee's nme. it was practiced in secret The Filipino people saw it a* their protection in an Amer<a filled with prejudice and su*p>cx>n against "foreigners But that time has ended and now with Dan Inosanto's help we present the Filipino art to our readers

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

Anytime an individual decides to learn how to protect themselves, learn self defense, or become a better person, one thing comes to mind - Martial Arts. Martial Arts are now being practiced all over the world.

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