As a double hit: When B attempts .1 "num ber two" strike. A meets the attack with another 'number two" strike, hitting his opponent on the hand. Without -topping hi-, motion. A uses his free hand to lower the opponent's weaponcd arm whik* curving his own weapon into a thrust to the throat

Try a combination of a shortened arc and a thrust with each of the 12 angles A helpful hint is to keep the weapon pointed inward, toward the target, and let the hand make the arcing motion to drive ;t home The end of the weapon should make Just enough of a curve to clear the opponent's arm. wherever it may be.

Triangulations of Footwork and Striking

Escrima and particularly Kail use the symbol of the triangle to explain many of their combative principle?. The ones we are concerned with at this moment are those principles that deal with foundation There arc no sJanc+rz <n Danny lnosanto\ Escrima and Kali, but there «N a loi 0//00fU'0rk Footuork can be accomplished without korning formalized stancca by simply understanding the principles» of foundation.

To explain those principles, let's pretend a man's feet are glued to the top of a bench as pictured below His head and the two bench supports form a triangle

The main concern in martial arts is support tng the movement that runs, vaguely, parallel to the floor. Any upward motion supported against the floor and downward motion uses gravity as a support. If one or both feet are off the ground, momentum is the mainstay. Since most Fscrima action occurs with both feet on the ground, that kind of momentum doesn't concern us right now

Returning to the picture if we push against the man's chest we will topple our triangle because there Is no support behind it. If we turn our man and the bench sideways, how ever, and push against the man's shoulder, the triangle will slide before it will topple That's because one of the two bottom points of the triangle is acting as a «.upport e

Now let's turn the man to a slight angle. Pushing Into the man froiu this point of view {below). he still has about 80 percent of his rear support, but reserves 20 percent support on either side of him as well.

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