If he were thrusting at us from this angle, he might turn his feel to be more comfortable and bend his knees so he would be less rigid.

Basically, that's all there Is. Keep your knees bent to retain that flexible readiness and keep one foot slightly out and to the rear to act a% the supporting point of your triangle while giving you support on either side as well Bruce I ee taught Danny to keep the rear heel raised whenever possible to make belter use of that leg's thrusting capabll t r

Notice how. during the attacking motion, the two points of the triangle, particularly the raised rear heel. support the man. not so much In relation to his opponent's whereabouts but more in relation to the direction of his thrust or swing.

The distance your rear foot should be set back will vary according to your si/e and the amount of support you need at the moment. In general, keep it comfortable and never ex tend yourself so far that you can't shift around easily.

As Danny puts it. "Like the stances in Jeet Kune Do. stances in Escrima and Kali are transitional positions There's no need to pose them statically. Balance 1st constant lofting and gaining, 1« constantly being adjusted, so the stance should relate to the clrcumstnncc."

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