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De Cadena

**Dc Cadena" is considered by some escrtmadocs as a fourth stage oI training The first stage is "Huego y Reorada~ ot hit and run The second stage 19 ~Abecedorto.~ which amounts to blocking first, then hitting The third stage. "Alto y Baho." is characterized by high and low hitting, some of which may be light movements to set up more damaging hit* Alto y Baho can be performed with or without blocking

Dc Cadena H an exercise where the oppo nent deb vers a continuous series (chain) of medium or slow motion strikes at different angles with one or twro weapons, while the fighter defends and counters with a constant barrage of controlled multiple hits

The defender tiles to defend from and counter all the opponent's hits In constant fluki motion, in rhythm. At the same nme. he uses his footwork to angle to h» opponent's aero pressure areas at to areas where only the opponent's weapon fcs in position to attack next

The opponent, meanwhile, does not defend against the counterstrikes. but tries to break the fighter's rhythm by varying his own and tries to confuse the fighter's defensive angling by varying the angles of his strikes

The following photos show some of the De Caderva movement Note the defender's cross stepping and sudden changes in head level to accommodate his striking Besides angling, the footwork should be synchronized with the counterstrikes to put body weight behind them or add to the torque of the hits

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When you first try this exercise, you may want to have the «itt.icker throw his strikes In numerical order (one to twelve), pausing ¿»iter 4'ach stnke. until you develop a rhythm Next, have the attacker break up hi» rhythm by shortening or lengthening the pauses between each strike Cither way. the counter-striken should be constant, unceasing, until you are forced to //ou1 into a defensive motion for the next strike. Once you've got the idea of constant and broken rhythm, then Imvv the attacker vary the angle of his strike* at random Start Willi one weapon each, then mix them Below are some suggestions.

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