Mastek Pedro Apilado

M.wtíf Apilado hnry**n a* onc th* lop f «jhU-rx .*r»d hc*d rrrt in rhc

Hawar.%n Iv.Nnd» ;n thc days -vhon c«rim.s slkfc ffgta<a£ rmielwt wer* full COnlKl Cíxnpi'tihon wtrhout thc aM oí Armo* 1» wat a brutal ar? then And ooly Ove ".wvjíltf-.l Artel tironee-«? tuxvived c< rcm.v-icd in ptactlcc Ma-zuí Apilado wat r'.«lurwite to Ivav« CrAlncd ur>der Ihc grcat S^nr.v^o Toledo And K wn Pedro Toledo In thc P.ingAiirvAn Prov)»cc of Ihtf Santiago wa» thc Flr*t CKftinpiOH OÍ thc Northern Phíi|>j*r>ei who r*m*SfX»<1 undefeated u ivt.. h* was An oíd nv**n nr»d a younffcr rn*r» n*npH Bergenia challenged him «od woo Thc Toledo and B*t«x>íV»i tryici were named ñUvt llvoti two *r»< rimador*

rXiring the two yvtfl I Cud>ed with Mait« Ap.Wdo. he lau^ht me the Toledo aixI Do» Matio* tlylei i»r>d ÍAmillMfxrd me wKh priotfplot oi tlw "chocking l"u»rid" Am! "counter for counlcr" mo\«t in empty kmrf: And It wcnpor.t Th*ouSr* him 1 '..-ariwd the '.rnporlnrvte of itlcK and body povttionf/>3. Without him the cxrlma wwld ha» Ua*. a ye«' den I

Vincent Montano


Pinoy Ham Instructional

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