Master Ben Largusa

I consider Master Ben Largusa !o be IK»* nvosi ¿ll-around FUipino martial next to Grand Matter Fkxo Vdlabrite. and through Master l.argusa I have reataed the brilliant mind and skill of Master VilabrtB*. Master Largusa has taught me th* thtfor** and appteatfow oi the various weapons and empty hand technique of kali and convinced me that lb* ancicr.t skill is a complete. unkjue scH defense art that gees beyond the sword and stkfc

Ben Largusa

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Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

Devoted as I am to popularizing amateur boxing and to improving the caliber of this particularly desirable competitive sport, I am highly enthusiastic over John Walsh's boxing instruction book. No one in the United States today can equal John's record as an amateur boxer and a coach. He is highly regarded as a sportsman. Before turning to coaching and the practice of law John was one of the most successful college and Golden Gloves boxers the sport has ever known.

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