The readjustment or "replacement" is used to regain your basic foundation for a stnke after you've stepped off for defensive reasons or to gain better positioning A replacement may occur at any time when you need to readjust your footing to deliver a strong strike and when you have the time to do so Gener ally, however, tin- stepoff take . place during the Initial defensive move and the replace merit occurs just prior to or while you are delivering your counterstrike.

The lllustratlor-.s below show the four basic stcpoffs. two retreating and two advancing Picture o shows how you may readjust your footing after advancing to your right. Picture 6 is the same kind of replacement that might take place after advancing to your left The first foot steps off and the second foot slides into place as you strike

If you remember the simple rule to step off first with the foot nearest the direction you are moving, then replacements with the other

foot should slide into place as you deliver your ctrike

It helps also to incline your body in the direction you are stepping prior to your step and keep your feet close to the ground during the step Again, keep your steps small. Don't ove rex tend

The following illustrations show how step-offs occur with the defensive motions (blocks and deflections) and replacements occur Just prior to or during the counterstrikes For now, just study the pictures for footwork After you've read the sections on "Blocks and Deflections" and "The Alive Hand." the defensive motion*, in these picture . will be clearer.

Kemember. these are only a few examples or replacements in ideal |>atu?rrv*. If you turn your body (torque) with your strikes or coun-terstrikes and allow the supporting point of your triangle, usually your r«*ar foot, to slide •nto place, you'll have the replacements without thinking about them

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