Wing block deflection

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Deflection with low hit.

Locks and Disarms

Locks and disarms, also categorized as re talnlng checks, are as numerous and continuous as blocks and hits A lock or disarm may occur at any time in combat when the opponent's weapon has been slowed or halted.

Instead of showing all the locks and disarms possible, I'll try to explain the principle of both and let you experirner t on your own

A lock occurs when the opponent ts Immobilized by placing a fulcrum across one of his Joints, causing pressure In a direction that the Joint isn't intended to bend, preferably where the joint is weakest Though a-lock can be applied to the leg. we're more concerned w-.th arm and wrist locks right now.

I he fulcrum of a lock is made up with a triangle again The first side t-> a part of the opponent's arm that is between the Join I you plan to work on and his body, making it the stable side of your lock The second side is the movable part of the opponent's .srrn Thi'. side could be the entire arm (for a shoulder iock). the lower arm (for an elbow lock) or Just the hand (for a wrist lock) It K the side that will be . manipulated against the natural function of the Joint You are !he third side. By forming a hnk with your hand or forearm or both. you pry the movable part of the opponent's arm against the stable part The stable sule of the triangle Is where the point of the fulcrum is located

Bent arm locks bend the joint skleway> while straight arm lock* bend the joint exactly opposite its natural bend With straight arm lock, both ends of the opponent's arm become fairly stable while pressure is applied to the joint \n the middle.

Mosl dl~-.trms are '┬╗Imply some form of wrist lock where the weapon is used a* the movable side of the triangle and instead of breaking the opponent's wrist, the weapon breaks away from the opponent's grip.

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Elbow wrench

Entry And Exit Wound

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Most often, the locks and disarms ore reduced to brief wrenches that wouldn't be noticed by anyone but the opponent. Just coming close to a bent or stra.'ght arm lock is *uffkient for a wrench.

Elbow wrench

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