Sweeps And Wings

Against any strike coming in from o side angle, there are basically two ways to handle it—with your weapon pointing upward and with your weapon pointing downward. Again, for the sake of organization weT call the defenses with your weapon pointing upward sweeps.' because they are performed with the same kind of motions you rrnght use to sweep from side to side the inside of a giant round fish bowl The defenses with your weapon pointing downward we'll call "wings " Like a bird's wings in a defensive posture, they point downward or parallel with the ground

Inside sweeps and wings are those that cross in front of the body before connecting and outside sweeps and wings are those executed on the side of the body that holds the weapon

Sweeps high outride sweep high inside sweep middle middle inside outside sweep sweep low

Inside sweep low outside »weep

Filipino Martial Arts Weapon Images

Wings high wing (h it shield)

high wing (right shield)

middle wing (left shield)

middle wing (right shield)

low wing (loft shield)

low wing (right shield)

Again, sweeps and wings may either block or deflect When purposely blocking, they will move along a plane that hits perpendicular to the opponent's striking motion. When deflect

Boxing Blocking Techniques
Filipino Martial Arts Weapons

ing. they cross the striking plane at an angle, then deflect off The entire motion of a deflecting wing or sweep is a curve that slides off toward the tip of the opponent's weapon.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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