The Filipino Martial Short Whip Quirt

The shortened arc is probably the most common and yet versatile stroke in combat It begins much like the stemmed blow but as It continues the arm Is puBed inward so that just past the intended impact, the arm and th«-weapon ieturn lo the body. Tills stemless blow serves two purposes: (1) it offers less of your weapon or arm to the opponent as a tar get for his defensive moves, and (2) It in creases the speed of the stroke

Velocity m the shortened arc blow Is achieved much the same way a figure skater's spinning *pe«-d Is increased when he slowly pulls his arms Into his body. Bruce Lee used the whip as an example i>f the ahorfened ore princlpUf When cracking a whip, the reversing motion or counter forqutfng causes the radius of the fuD swing to shorten.

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The Initial force behind the motion hasn't changed and the mass remains the same Since the arc that the mass ks flowing through or around gets smaller, the speed increas« to get the same amount of mass around accord irtg to that amount of force (Physicists call this process the "conservation of angular momentum ")

The shortened arc stroke uses a counter tocquing or reversing motion much the same as a whip long arc long arc

(whip diagram)

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