The Thrust

There ore two kinds of energy that go into a thrusting motion The first is much like a jab with the end of the weapon. With the jab. equal emphasis Is given to the striking and retracting motions The motion of the Jabbing thrust is much like that of the rap where the retraction flows directly Into the next strike which Is usuallv an arcing one. Multiple jabs are possible, however.


The second kind of energy is more of a stab that suggests a weapon with a pointed tip such as a sword or dagger The stabbing thrust Is a fully committed killing move, delivered as a coup dc graca. The only place it might be used otherwise is as a body shot with a Jong or heavy blunted weapon Remember, though, as a committed thrust if the opponent has the slightest chance to evade the long or heavy, blunted blow, you've just given your weapon away

To deliver a thrust, the weapon can be brought into line at the end of an arc or it can be arced Into line like a boxer's hook

A combination of the two takes place when, after delivering a stemless blow, the pullback is redirected to hit out again with a thrust on the same or another line. The first blow might actually be a feint or false attack, but the entire movement is done In a single corkscrew motion

As a feint: A feint - a "number one ' strike that is pulled back as B attempts to block It. Without stopping his motion. A curves forward again for a thrust as H's weapon passes by.

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Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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