The Tuck

Most body angling inclines the upper torso in one direction or another The tuck is an evasive motion that leaves the upper torso where it is or inclines it slightly forward as the

stomach is pulled back When performed on the edge of the movement plane against a horizontal strike or thrust to the midsection, it still leave'- the Fscrimador within range to cou nterstrike

Basic Defenses

The main keynote in all defensive move-adaptab; ify. After learning some of the basic defenses. y°u may become partial to one kind of defense Over another because some wll; fit your particular muscle development better than other-. You'll be surprised how adaptab'o your favorite defensive moves will be and how. say. two defensive moves will easily handle any of the twelve strikes when they are thrown singularly A point to remember, however, is that in combat or even in more advanced training where one strike quickly follows another, your weapon will not always be in a favtyrabU' portion to apply your favorite moves. Often, you'll find (hot your weapon i$ pointed in the wrong direction and there just isn't time. The Mention to this is to try to learn the concept-, of all the defenses that follow—why they work. Then, when t's necessary to vary your movement to adapt to some "off angled" strike, you'll be able to do so

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