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Overview of Physical Fitness

Commonly used to measure or define fitness levels, and other terms associated with athletic training. Terms such as aerobic and anaerobic will be appearing throughout this fitness guide and various training techniques to optimize fitness will be discussed in greater detail in subsequent chapters. We suggest that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts in this chapter as this will greatly enhance your ability to apply the information provided in the remaining chapters. Exercise physiology is a branch of science which studies how the body responds and adapts physically to exercise training or to an acute bout of physical exertion. Such information is used for designing physical education, fitness and athletic programs. Physical fitness includes cardiopulmonary endurance, body composition, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.

Physical Fitness Program for Confined Spaces

Maintaining fitness aboard a ship or submarine is possible. However, it requires motivation and discipline because usually the team spirit is missing. It is critical to maintain fitness so that when you reach your destination you have not become detrained. Table 15-5 presents a potential training program that could be followed on most ships. Most ships have stationary bicycles and rowing machines. However, if the ship has some other type of equipment, the schedule below could be modified to accommodate what equipment is available. Table 15-5. Physical Fitness in Confined Spaces

Physical Fitness Program for Coming Off Travel

When you first come back to shore or to your home base, you arc not always in as good a physical shape as you were when you deployed. For this reason it is critical that you start back sensibly so as not to injure yourself. Both the PT and endurance components need to be modified so as to improve your overall fitness, not to put you in the doctor's office. Table 15-( and Table 15-7 provide a reasonable Fitness and PT program for those coming off of travel. When you feel like you are back to your usual fitness level, then the Basic or Total Body Physical Fitness Programs can be started and or worked into your schedule. Table 15-6. A Re-Entry Physical Fitness Program

The SEAL Physical Fitness Program

The ultimate SEAL physical fitness program will incorporate all aspects of physical training. After an initial warm-up, the overall workout will include exercises to develop and or maintain Cardiovascular Fitness (Aerobic Anaerobic Capacity and Power) Muscular Fitness Strength, Endurance and Power) Aerobic fitness includes conditioning runs or swims whereas anaerobic activities would include interval or fartlek runs swims. Flexibility is improved by stretching, and muscular fitness hy weight training, circuit training, or other such activities. The relative time spent on a particular aspect of fitness each day may vary, but every day incorporates exerciscs to improve or maintain muscle strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and flexibility. One point that has been stressed and should be remembered is that Table 15-1. The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Program Physical training (PT) exercises arc listed on two of the five days in the Recommended SEAL Physical Fitness Program. The PT...

Basic Workouts

The most important issue with respect to workouts is recovery. Rest is an exceedingly important factor in recovery from strenuous workouts, so back-to-back high intensity workouts are not encouraged. Experts recommend a hard day followed by an easy day, and at least one day of rest over a seven day period. This can be an excellent plan, but you should also let your body be your guide. Some days when you go to workout and feel great, this day can and should be a hard workout day. On other days when it is an effort to even get your workout clothes on, this should either be a rest day or an easy day.

Swimming for Fitness

Swimming is an excellent exercise for overall fitness aerobic endurance, power, strength, and flexibility are all enhanced by swim training. It is generally gentle on the joints and provides excellent cross training for running and other gravity-intensive forms of exercise by providing load-bearing joint rest. However, training must be specific for the anticipated operational environment, including cold water acclimatization. This section will give you the tools to improve your swimming skills, thus enhancing your fitness for combat swimmer missions.

Integrated Workouts

For pool training it is necessary to integrate your sets into a comprehensive workout. At first you will want to limit your hard sets, but as your fitness improves, hard drills can be extended. It also worthwhile alternating between anaerobic and aerobic workouts. In this way your performance for combat swimmer operations should be optimized. Figure 5-3. Sample Anaerobic and Aerobic Endurance Swim Interval Workouts

Varying Your Workout

Swimming workouts should be varied between easy days and hard days. For competitive speed, it is good to swim at least four days a week this will help keep stroke efficiency. Swimming days provide good relief for tight muscles generated by running and weight training. Many dedicated swimmers own an Exergenie, which is a truly simple piece of equipment that permits a realistic workout in freestyle or backstroke. It is a nylon line rigged up through a little cylinder that twists the line and provides resistance. This workout is possible even within the confines of a cramped 688 class (40 - 50 reps) can be done daily because the motion is so much like swimming. Thus, it is a portable weight room for swimmers.

The Workouts

Here are just a few workouts for you to follow. I will tell you this much though, that NO program is the end all be all secret recipe for success. These workouts are going to help you towards the higher steps on the ladder of success. There are other programs as well though. Programs that I hope you are creative enough and dedicated enough to construct on your own. In addition, do your own research and learn about proper strength training methods & philosophies. This will require time on your part as well as trial & error. Be sure to consult with your primary physician before participating in this or any other exercise program. Also, the number of set & reps will vary according to your individual ability as I have mentioned before. Understanding this factor, you must tailor the reps & sets to your needs and to your daily strength levels. If you feel strong, rest less and go heavier. If you feel tired that day you should focus on bodyweight exercises only and give your body a less...

Definitions and Terminology

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Ability of the heart, lung and blood vessels to transport oxygen and to remove waste products from the exercising muscle. Exercise Planned, structured, and repetitive movements performed to improve or maintain components of physical fitness. The components include cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition (see Introduction). Maximal Oxygen Uptake (V02max) A measure of aerobic fitness the maximal rate of oxygen uptake, and therefore aerobic energy utilization during exercise. Typically expressed as liters per minute or milliliters per kilogram (kg) body weight per minute (ml min kg). Physical Fitness Ability to perform physical activity.

Determining Your Training Heart Rate

When reading the training methods presented in this chapter and throughout this guide, you will come across references to exercise intensity. Intensity is the rate at which exercise is performed. If you work out in a gym you may have used an exercise machine that monitors exercise intensity. A quick and easy method for measuring the intensity of your workout is by measuring your heart rate and checking to see if you are within your target training zone (see below). Measure your heart rate by taking your pulse at the carotid artery (neck) or the radial artery (wrist) for 15 seconds multiply this value by four to get your heart rate in beats per minute. Compare this heart rate value to your target training intensity. If your heart rate is too low, increase the intensity of your workout. If it is too high, reduce the intensity slightly.

Fartlek or Speed Play

The work Fartlek means speed play in Swedish. It involves running at fast and slow speeds on both level and hilly courses. Unlike interval training, the fartlek form of training does not involve specific exercise and rest periods you do it as desired. For example, you may say to your buddy 111 race you to the next stop sign , and you would both run as fast as you can to that point. You may run at a slower pace for a few minutes, and then run fast again for as long as you want. In other words, it is a speed workout without structure. As such, it is well suited to general conditioning and provides variety to workouts.

Mission Specific Activities

How do you train for these activities Long distance runs with shorts and running shoes are useful in promoting cardiovascular fitness, but do not adequately simulate load-bearing activities. Similarly, the number of bench presses you can do at a given weight does not ensure your being able to walk long distances with a heavy load. Moreover, some of the problems associated with load-carrying are musculoskeletal injuries and blisters. These can only be avoided (or minimized) by practicing the specific activity. Swimming with fins is an activity basic to all SEAL combat swimmer missions and should be done on a regular basis in team physical training evolutions. Swimming without fins, while a very good activity for promoting cardiovascular fitness, is not typically required for SEAL missions. It is

Building Your Mileage

When you can continuously run for 40 minutes, begin thinking about your running mileage or distance. Most of you, unless coming back from an injury or returning from a deployment, are already running 30 to 40 minutes as part of your fitness routine. However, if you have been unable to run for some time due to reasons mentioned above or other reasons, start out slowly this will prevent you from getting injured and benefit you in the long run.

Special Open Water Training Issues

If you swim regularly in cold water, your body will undergo some adaptive changes. This will increase your tolerance to some extent. You will also begin to actually crave fatty foods, an instinctual tendency of cold water swimmers to want extra body fat to protect them This is a natural adaptation, but this may be undesirable for your running and overall fitness.

Pool Training Building Strength and Endurance

The major reason to use a pool is the quality of training. Swim sessions may be closely monitored and are safe. Controlled interval workouts used in pool training sessions provide good feedback the pace clock doesn't lie. Pool sessions allow you to design workouts that vary in intensity and emphasis, which is not possible in open water. Pool training and acquisition of improved stroke skills are elective elements of a SEAL's training program. Pool training will increase your comfort level in open water, thus enabling you to significantly improve your operational capabilities.

Strength Training Guidelines and Terms

Performing operational tasks requires all muscles of the upper and lower body to be developed in a balanced way. Circuit weight training or Split-routine workouts are the most common ways to maintain a musculoskeletal balance. Circuit weight training consists of a progression from one station to the next such that over the course of the training period, both the upper and lower body are exercised. For split-routine training, different body areas are exercised on alternate days. For example, on Monday and Thursday, the upper body would be exercised whereas on Tuesday and Friday the lower body would be exercised. By having a well designed strength program, you can expect to maintain a high level of fitness while reducing your risk of injury and fatigue-

Muscle Balance and Exercise Selection List

It is extremely important to consider muscle balance when designing your workouts. Building strength in the triceps should be balanced by strengthening the biceps, and strengthening the quadriceps should be balanced by strengthening the hamstrings. Without proper balancing of opposing muscle groups, you become vulnerable to injury. Many exercises can be incorporated into your strength training program. Table 6-2 presents a list of exercises by specific body parts, all of which are demonstrated in Appendix A. This translates into a complete body workout from the calves to the neck.

Physiological and Environmental Factors

Determining the maximum weight of the load is a more important factor affecting load-bearing than the type of load carriage design. Numerous studies have examined the optimal load-bearing weight you should maximally carry before there is a disproportional increase in the rate of energy expenditure. This is calculated as a percentage of body weight. Although those who are physically fit according to Physical Fitness Test Scores can typically carry 45 of their body weight for 8 hours at a pace of 4 mph, a lighter load is considered optimal. Aerobic fitness level (maximal aerobic capacity)

Winter Warfare Training

A high skill level is essential if use of skis is contemplated. Under most operational conditions, cross country skiing provides the highest degree of non-mechanized mobility for travelling over snow and ice. Skiing becomes a very efficient form of man-powered transportation during long transits over flat terrain. However, the advantages of skiing only become apparent after acquisition of specific skills and fitness. The overall fitness level of SEALs may be adequate for cross country skiing because fitness from running and aquatic training carry over to skiing. However, different muscle groups are used thus SEALs should strive to customize their training programs in anticipation of winter warfare. Use of a ski machine docs confer training specificity and assists with developing the coordination and muscle adaptations needed to ski efficiently. Other real training issues for skiing are skills and technique. There are several operational considerations to consider For those having...

Final Comments From RADM Smith

Self Defense Guide

This manual is a superb guide covering all the major focus areas required to maintain fitness as a SEAL. I offer as a final piece of SEAL culture, my version of burn-out PT in Table 15-11. The progression of the program is as follows start at Stage 1 and cycle through the first set of each exercise, followed by the next sets. Next, move on to Stage 2 and use the same sequence. Begin with lower reps per exorcise, with the goal of eventually completing the PT as set forth in Table 15-11. Those who have clone it, knowr it is not what a modern fitness expert would necessarily approve of e.g., no stretching, (do it on your own time), over repetition of the same exercises, and several stomach exercises clearly not beneficial for the lower back (an understatement ). Having said that, you can do it practically anywhere, (if you have two or more hours) it exercises the vast majority of muscle groups and finally, it imposes great pain and discomfort on the body - an instinct carefully nurtured,...

Conditioning and Deconditioning

Conditioning and deconditioning, also known as training and detraining, are responsible for gains and losses, respectively, in fitness levels. Whereas conditioning is a gradual process and may take six or more weeks to see specific effects, deconditioning occurs relatively quickly. Some of the various metabolic and cardiorespiratory effects of conditioning arc presented in Table 1-4. Reduced ability to store glycogen in muscle between workouts. Retraining is necessary to reverse the performance reducing effects of dcconditioning. However, deconditioning can be prevented or minimized by maintaining usual exercise intensity during endurance and strength workouts, when the number or length of work outs is decreased. Aerobic capacity and decreased lactic acid accumulation during exercise can be maintained by training at least two to three times per week at your usual training intensity. Strength gains can be maintained by including one to two strength training workouts sessions per week....

Calisthenics in Naval Special Warfare

Hip Flexor

The goal of a physical training (PT) program for the SEAL should be to develop complete muscular fitness (i.e., strength, endurance, and power). Muscle strength provides the foundation for muscle endurance and power. An adequate strength base not only improves performance, hut also decreases the likelihood of injury. For this reason it is recommended that at least two strength workouts (low-repetition 10-12 reps , high resistance exercises per muscle group per week), as described in Chapter 6, be part of the SEAL's physical fitness program. Traditional calisthenic exercises performed two to three times a week will develop and maintain muscle endurance. A plyometric program (See Chapter 9) when necessary, can also be used to develop muscle power. Mission-related training schedules, lack of exercise equipment, and inadequate nutrition can keep operators from maintaining required fitness levels in the field. Calisthenics, however, are practical for field situations because they can be...

The Muscle Strength Endurance Continuum

Modified from Sharkey, BJ Physiology of Fitness, 3rd Ed. Champaign, IL Human Kinetics, 1990, p 91. In general, calisthenics develop muscle endurance. There arc two occasions, however, when calisthenics develop muscle strength. The first occasion depends on individual fitness level and how many repetitions can be performed, individuals who can only perform a low number of repetitions of

Stationary Exercise Alternatives

Range Motion Sequence For The Body

Promotes flexibility by emphasizing maximum joint range of motion, so it is a total body workout It is also impact-free so it is a great alternative to running Some key points to remember are Just plain rowing can become a bit boring, but there are many ways to make it fun and varied. Table 3-7 presents descriptions of various workouts for a rowing ergometer. Table 3-7. Various Workouts for a Rowing Machine Workout Description Cycle ergometers have been around a long time, and are still the mainstay in exercise fitness testing. Monitors on the bicycles available today typically display kcal per hour. Table 3-8 presents kcal hour values for stationary bicycle workouts at various intensities. These values can be used to gauge your work rate during indoor biking. Despite the fact that it is much nicer to run outside than inside, the treadmill is an extremely efficient way to maintain and or improve cardiorespiratory conditioning. Unlike the cycle and rowing ergometer, jogging or running...

Cardiorespiratory Conditioning

(ACSM) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently formulated new guidelines for the American public with respect to exercise. The new recommendations state that Eveiy US adult should accumulate 30 minutes or more of moderate, intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days of the week . They defined moderate intensity physical activity as activity performed at an intensity of 3 to 6 MKTS, or the equivalent of brisk walking at 3 to 4 m.p.h. for most healthy adults . Whereas the previous recommendations for the US population emphasized the importance of extended periods of strenuous exercise, these new guidelines state that short, intermittent bouts of moderate exercise are important and sufficient for health benefits. The overall goal of these organizations is to promote cardiorespiratory conditioning, an important aspect of overall fitness, health, and disease prevention. However, activity above and beyond the recommendations for the public is necessary for...

The focus should be on the quality not the quantity of situps

Calisthenic Student Aerobic

The same principles that govern the muscle strength-endurance continuum apply to the abdominal musculature. The muscular fitness component you will develop (i.e., strength vs. endurance) is determined by the number of sit-ups performed using a towel or Ab Mat beginning with 15 of extension. If muscle strength is the goal, you may want to move to 30 extension. Once you are performing over 15 reps per set at 30 extension, you can increase the difficulty of the exercise by changing the position of the arms, adding weight, or performing sit-ups on a decline. Variations in arm positioning, from the easiest to the most difficult, are shown in Figure 8-fi For a 30-minute workout, choose one to three exercises from each of the following categories in Table 8-2. For a 60-minute workout, choose three to six exercises from each of the categories. Remember to balance the front of the body with the back (e.g., hip flexors abdominals with hip extensors, quadriceps with hamstrings, hip adductors...

Short Flexibility Program

Flexibility exercises are an important physical fitness component and may add years to your operational life. For those who have been injured, the high mileage SEAL (see Chapter 14), or someone with naturally short muscles, a short flexibility program is provided in Table 15-9.

Terms Related to Conditioning

The primary measure or predictors of one's capacity to sustain work performance is maximal oxygen uptake (V02max) or maximal aerobic (cardiorespiratory) capacity. V02max is measured in milliliters per minute (ml min), Liters min, or after adjusting for body weight in kilograms, as ml kg min a higher value indicates a higher level of cardiorespiratory fitness. Interval workouts stress the anaerobic energy systems and will increase your anaerobic threshold and power. Interval and fartlek workouts for running and swimming are described in their respective chapters, and such workouts for other forms of exercise are described later in this chapter.

Common Mission and Training Related Injuries

Running and hiking work large muscle groups and enhance cardiovascular fitness in a short period of time. Hiking transmits a force to the spine of approximately three times load-bearing weight. Running transmits an impact force to the spine of up to five times load-bearing weight. These forces are minimized with good body mechanics, shock-absorbing shoes apd cross-training for overall fitness. Table 12-6 outlines common running injuries. There is no good laboratory or biochemical marker for overtraining syndrome. The BEST INDICATORS are resting heart rate in the morning and assessment of mood. Resting heart rate taken daily just before getting out of bed, and monitored over time will give some indicator of fitness as well as fatigue. Individuals who are overtrained will show a resting heart rate which is 10-15 beats per minute higher than baseline when measured over a period of several days. A day or two of abstaining from physical activity

Factors Affecting the Training Response

The terms duration, frequency and intensity are commonly used when talking about training for fitness or health. All training programs, whether running, biking, swimming, or climbing, strive to vary in duration, frequency, and intensity so as to optimize conditioning and minimize injuries. Five major factors determine the extent of your maximal aerobic capacity and the magnitude of your response to training. These include Initial level of aerobic fitness

Physical Training for Load Bearing

The key elements for conditioning for load-bearing incorporate strength, speed and endurance training while relying on the principle of specificity of training (see Chapter 1 Overview of Physical Fitness). These arc as follows Maintaining Load-Bearing Fitness To maintain fitness for humping a load equivalent to 40 of body weight for 10 miles would require at least

How to Estimate Your Maximal Aerobic Capacity

Exercise testing is often conducted for assessment of cardiorespiratory Fitness. Types of protocols currently used to assess cardiorespiratory fitness or aerobic capacity are incremental work rate tests, where the exercise work rate is increased by a uniform amount at predetermined time intervals, and constant work rate tests, where the subject works at a submaximal constant work rate for a specified time period. Your heart rate at the specific work rates are used to estimate maximal oxygen uptake. Although the most accurate test is conducted on a treadmill, a bicycle will give a good estimate. If you have access to a stationary bicycle, you can test yourself by using the incremental test protocol described. Although it is best to use a heart rate monitor, you can manually take your pulse at various times during the test.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview of Physical Fitness 3 Types of Aerobic Activities and Basic Workouts 41 Basic Workouts 49 Chapter 4 Running for Fitness 53 Varying Your Workouts 69 Chapter 5 Swimming for Fitness 71 Integrated Workouts 84 Varying Your Workout 86 Types of Workouts 103 Maintaining Load-Bearing Fitness 182 Chapter 15 Physical Fitness and Training Recommendations 247 The SEAL Physical Fitness Program 247 A Physical Fitness Program for Confined Spaces 253 A Physical Fitness Program for Coming Off Travel 254


Regular exercise is necessary to maintain fitness. Beneficial effects of exercise are gradually lost or reversed after a few weeks off from training. This deconditioning or detraining effect will be discussed later in this chapter. Because of the nature of your missions it is imperative that you develop all aspects of physical fitness strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance. Therefore, it is important for you to consider your training in terms of the FITT principle. All four aspects of the FITT principle must be included to achieve the most benefit from your training program. Number and intensity of workouts is important as is the time spent exercising and cross training (see Chapter 3). Information on how to determine your training intensity is provided next.


The primary goal of SEAL physical fitness training is to maximize mission-related performance. SEALs need a physical training program which encompasses all of the various mission-related tasks that need to be performed. Thus, before deciding on a physical fitness training regimen, the specific types of athletic activities involved in your missions must be clearly defined. It is important for you to establish specific goals. An athlete training for a marathon will want to train such that lie will finish the race in the shortest possible time. Everything else in your program will be secondary to the primary objective of maximizing lower extremity aerobic performance. Likewise, a kayaker will maximize his aerobic performance by focusing on upper extremity conditioning. A competitive weight lifter, in contrast, will strive to maximize the amount of weight that lie can lift, with little or no emphasis on endurance training. As an illustration, let's consider bicycling. Cycling is a superb...

Active Recovery

Throughout this guide, we will continually stress the importance of warming up, cooling down, and stretching. These are integral parts of any workout, regardless of the activity. The cool down, or recovery period, is very important because it will determine how you feel several hours after your workout. There are two types of recovery active and passive. Passive recovery, in other words, just resting, was recommended many years ago, and is still recommended when you exercise below 50 of maximal capacity. Active recovery is now preferred for exercise exceeding 60 of maximal capacity to accelerate removal of lactate. This may help prevent muscle cramps, stiffness, and preserve performance during subsequent strenuous exercise.

Outdoor Activities

Bicycle riding, or biking, is an excellent activity for improving overall cardiorespiratory fitness. Importantly, indoor bicycle ergometers have been used for many years to study the responses of the body to exercise. The work All in all, biking is a great alternative to running, and should be considered as a suitable activity for maintaining fitness, even if it is not part of a SEAL's mission. Biking complements other activities and is often used in rehabilitation from other musculoskeletal injuries. More details with respect to biking will be provided under the section on stationary cycles. Although cross country skiing is discussed in detail under winter warfare below, it should be noted that this is an excellent method of training for cardiorespiratory fitness. It engages almost all of the major muscle groups and thus, the overall energy expenditure may be as high or higher than when moving the body over the same distance on foot. Importantly, the intensity of the effort varies...

Other Gear Items

You may have seen these advertised in running and fitness magazines. Some athletes use these for monitoring their training intensities. Such monitors consist of a wrist watch and a chest strap the chest strap has an electrode which picks up your heart beat and transmits it to the watch which in turn displays your heart rate in beats per minute. If you know your target


Other running surfaces include treadmills and water. Treadmills are very popular at fitness centers and may also be available to you when deployed aboard a ship. Most treadmills are state of the art in terms of cushioning and you can control the speed and intensity of your work out. Perhaps the biggest problem when working out on a treadmill is the boredom that is often associated with the monotony of the unchanging environment and the consistent pace. A portable cassette player or radio may be helpful, particularly during longer runs.


These are not the only interval workouts, so you may modify them to suit your requirements. For example, you could do pyramids you would start with a quarter mile, followed by a half mile, 3 4 mile, and mile, then go back down in reverse. Between each speed set, it is best to jog one quarter to one half the distance to accelerate recoverv. Consider biking, swimming, stair-climbing or other activities that will provide a good aerobic workout while mainly using muscles other than those used during running. A major benefit of cross training is that it prevents the onset of over-use injuries while maintaining fitness. For information about cross-training see Chapter 3 Cardiorespiratory Conditioning. Strength training, especially upper body strength workouts, have become an important part of a runner's overall workout. It is recommended that you strength train two to three times a week (see Chapter 6).

Week Set 1Set

A Circuit Routine Training for the first week of the strength development phase and muscular endurance phase is presented in Table 6-8 and Table 6-9, respectively. Workouts for the other weeks can be obtained by reviewing Table 6-6 and Table 6-7. Remember, periodization is the key to improving overall muscle strength and endurance.

Warming Up

It is imperative to warm-up prior to a strength training workout. An active and dynamic warm-up will elevate the body temperature so that the muscles respond better to the training. An increase in circulation to the joints and tissues allow more elasticity and may decrease the risk of injury. The warm-up should last long enough to break a sweat then stretching should be initiated. Thus, the major component of a warm-up session for weight training is a cardiovascular workout, or a general warm-up designed to increase your circulation and direct blood flow to the muscles for the upcoming workout. This should be low intensity exercise for 10 to 20


When a person is unable to maintain his exercise program, for whatever reason, detraining or deconditioning occurs rapidly. Numerous studies have investigated the effect of detraining on cardiorespiratory fitness, and significant reductions in work capacity has been noted within two weeks. A 25 decrease in maximal oxygen uptake has been reported after three weeks, which is equivalent to a 1 decline in physiologic function for each day of inactivity. In addition, the proportion and size of the Type II fibers have been shown to decrease with detraining. In contrast, maximal muscle strength appears to be more resilient to periods of inactivity. A reduction in maximal capacity only means that it will be harder for you to do a given task than prior to deconditioning. You will still be able to do the work. Remember


Physical fitness is a critical component of SEAL training, and being in shape is essential for mission readiness. A comprehensive whole body conditioning program has been provided for you to use in your training. In addition, RADM Smith's PT program and a training program for confined spaces and for SEALs coming off travel have been included. Alternative exercises have also been provided to maintain motivation and optimize the concept of cross-training. Try it, you may find yourself in better all around shape.

List of Tables

Skill- and Health-Related Components of Physical Fitness 2 Table 3-4. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Classification Maximal Oxygen Table 3-7. Various Workouts for a Rowing Machine 44 Table 14-2. Physical Fitness Program for High Mileage SEALs with Table 15-1. The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Program 248 Table 15-2. Alternate Activities for a Fitness Program 249 Table 15-5. Physical Fitness in Confined Spaces 253 Table 15-6. A Re-Entry Physical Fitness Program 254

METs and Watts

Watts Mets For Exercise

Running for Fitness training program and provides an excellent aerobic workout. Moreover, it is not expensive most of the cost of running involves buying a pair of good running shoes. If you train intelligently and have the right gear, you can continue to enjoy the fitness and general sense of well-being that accompanies running while avoiding running injuries. In this chapter, basic-information is provided for maintaining a sound, middle distance running (20 to 40 miles week) program this is adequate for running 1()K and half marathon races. Some of you may consider running a marathon in the future at such a time you may want to get training tips from experienced marathoners, trainers at a running club or running magazines.

Interval Training

Various interval training techniques can be used for building speed. Ideally, speed work would be done on a measured track. Sample interval training workouts are provided in Figure 4-6. Two important points arc Figure 4-6. Sample Sprint and Distance Running Interval Workouts

Introduction what is Tai Chi Chuan

Since this system of exercise is suitable for people of all ages and requires little or no special equipment, it has gained an enthusiastic reception all over the world. Tai Chi Chuan evolved to help people improve their physical health, equip them to defend themselves against wild beasts and bandits, and also improve their powers of meditation. In other words, Tai Chi Chuan enables people to survive through fitness and self-defence.

No Gym Memberships Required

The material contained in this book is for informational purposes only. The author and anyone else affiliated with the creation or distribution of this book may NOT be held liable for damages of any kind whatsoever allegedly caused or resulting from any such claimed reliance. Before beginning this workout routine, it is recommended that you consult with your physician for authorization and clearance. It is always recommended to consult with a physician before beginning any new exercise or nutritional program. If you have any problems with your health, you should seek clearance from a qualified medical professional. The information contained herein is not intended to, and never should, substitute for the necessity of seeking the advice of a qualified medical professional. If at anytime you feel pain or discomfort, stop immediately. This is an advanced training routine, recommended for those with prior training experience.

Enter The World Of The Warrior

Hello and welcome to The Underground Guide To Warrior Fitness. It has been a pleasure putting this informative training program together to help fellow Warriors in their pursuit of superior physical condition. This book will teach you to be resourceful and creative in your quest for physical fitness. There is no reason to spend your hard earned money on fancy gadgets and gym memberships. You do not need expensive equipment or contraptions to enhance your fitness. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just looking to lose a few inches from your waistline, you will learn how to revolutionize your workout conveniently without weights. Let's face it, the fitness industry is a multi-million dollar business. I get sick to my stomach when I see infomercials on television, promising a newfound way to help you lose weight and feel great. A new magic pill is developed each day promising to shed pounds from your waistline. These fad workouts and diet supplements all target the greatest...

How To Develop A Perfect Body

Ridiculous and foolish, they may help your heart but do nothing for your body. Running is great for the heart but does nothing for the outside appearance of your body. In short most book currently available on fitness are just books that are concerned with getting your wallet shaped smaller, not shaping you into some sort of perfect person. I conclude this book on fitness and body shaping with a chapter l have never seen in a fitness book. Meditation. I don't believe you can have a perfect body if you are a perfect fool or have a messed up mind. You can't achieve the results you want in your program if you can't concentrate on the muscles when exercising or can't stay on your diet. So I show you some techniques of meditation that can help you to achieve a better understanding of your mind and your body and how they are related to each other in your total fitness program.

Understanding This Ebook

Welcome to the WARRIOR WORKOUT BONUS SERIES PART II. Part II includes many new exercises and workouts that you can incorporate into your Now that I have rambled on with my introduction, let's get this party started by looking at some new exercises. We will then jump right into the new workouts and Warrior Challenges

Lets Get The Most Out Of It

After reading through the book, it should serve as a reference for you when modifying your training routine. First however, I want you to learn the specifics of how and why to develop a training routine that corresponds to your particular fitness goals. At the conclusion of this book, I will explain the specifics of creating your own customized training and nutritional program. I have several sample programs available which will help you maximize your performance. I have included routines to satisfy everyone's needs. Regardless of your fitness objectives, it is important to continually advance and modify your training program. Physical fitness is an ever-changing process that requires dedication. You are not expected to go through each exercise in this book during one training session. Instead, you will continually modify your exercise selection over the course of time. An old proverb states Variety is the spice of life. These are important words that must be integrated into your...

And gain appropriate strength levels Do Not Confuse Speed Being Under Control For A Sloppy Out Of Control Repetition

Often times when I am short on time I do chin ups, followed by dips with no rest in between exercises. I will do this for maybe 10 minutes straight. I will do 6 - 10 pulls ups or chin ups, then 10 - 20 dips. The body gets stronger and endurance is built up because I am barely resting. After 10 minutes of chins & dips, I'll go and knock out push ups ranging anywhere from 25 - 50 at a time, followed by 1 minute of jumping rope or some form of lower body work (walking lunges, squat jumps, split squat jumps). I will do this push up - jump rope circuit for 5 - 6 minutes and then after 15 minutes of total exercise I am done Talk about an awesome work out As always, my hand spacing and grip changes on pull ups, push ups and dips. Constantly add variation to your workouts to keep your muscles worked from all angles I bet you if every wrestler on your team did this workout twice a week he she would be in awesome shape. Problem is, many young athletes do not take strength training seriously....

Duration Frequency of Training

Modern research has shown that the traditionalists were on the right track about the morning and evening being the best times to practise. People are more inclined to skip scheduled exercise in the mid to late afternoon because of fatigue or busy schedules. However, high-intensity activity, like fast or fast slow forms that require short bursts of energy are best done late in the day. You will feel stronger, perform more skilfully and get more out of your workout. For slower or steadier exercise, you will reap the same benefits whether you practise early or late in the day.

Chang Travels to Taiwan

When teaching this first group of students, Chang would simply run through his own individual workout and the students were told to follow. Some of those first students said that it was very difficult to follow Chang because his workouts were so physically demanding. Chang would practice Hsing-I's pi ch'uan (splitting fist) very slowly. After each step in the sequence he would hold the posture for extremely long periods of time before taking the next step. The students' legs would become so tired they could barely stand up. One day they suggested that maybe Chang could sit and watch them go through the movements instead of them following him. Chang agreed and began calling out numbers to lead the students through the steps. Chang would call out one number, the students would step and then hold the posture until the next number was called. The students thought that this would be easier, figuring that Chang would get bored just watching and call the numbers faster than if he was...

Last one month It should be done all year This is a time where I actually will implement bodybuilding type training as

GPP workouts should last 20 minutes maximum, no longer That being said, a GPP workout can simply be sled dragging for 10 - 15 minutes, or farmers walk carry with either a sand bag, heavy dumbbells, or buckets filled with sand. I am a BIG PROPONENT of training with these implements and they have a great overall conditioning effect on our wrestlers Regarding GPP workouts, make sure you are not over doing it. If you over do it, you'll know. How will you know You will feel like you need to rest or take the day off the following day. If you follow my guidelines of light weights, short duration, sled training, etc., you will benefit from these extra GPP workouts. If you feel wiped out the next day after a GPP workout, it was too strenuous (time, load, volume, etc.). Here is a few sample GPP workouts for a better understanding

Total Triceps Training

That's all there is to it -- but it's easier said than done. Heavy barbell rows are brutal. They not only demand a lot physically, they require extreme concentration in order to derive ultimate benefit and prevent injury. They aren't a knock out a few sets and get it over with exercise by any means They're the real deal. And when you set your mind and motivation toward making them the main movement in your back workouts, you're going to see some drastic changes. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that all you need for a great back are chins and barbell rows. Everything else is just fluff. The following are the most grievous don'ts you can make during your workout. Think of them as the seven deadly sins of bodybuilding They are designed to help in creating the ideal physique in the least amount of time, while avoiding setbacks. Learn them. And avoid them at all cost.

Sec 120 Sec 120 Sec 120

Factors Affecting Duration of Phase The length of this phase is a function of the individ-uals fitness level, need for absolute strength, and the length of the total training cycle. Athletes with a greater need for absolute strength, such as grapplers, will spend considerable time in this phase, while athletes who do not need great levels of absolute strength, such as fencers, will spend only brief periods in this phase. Since hypertrophy in part depends upon motor unit recruitment, more strength often equates to more muscle mass, which is of interest to those who wish to gain functional body weight.

Intensity Intensity Intensity

For the workouts listed below, you will follow the Tabata interval pattern (20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 continuous cycles). When transitioning from one exercise to the next, try to begin the next exercise without exceeding 10 seconds of rest. If this is too difficult, you may rest up to 1-minute.

Physical Preparation Muscle Assessment and Training

When the warm-up is insufficient, the athletes work sets never feel quite right (athletes don t feel warmed up until the workout is nearly over). When the warm-up is too extensive, the work sets starts hard, and they get more difficult as the workout progresses. When the warm-up is optimal, the middle work sets are the easiest to perform (in a six work set, the third and fourth sets). Look for these tendencies during workouts and learn to recognize the need for longer or shorter warm-ups. Q What about the use of spotters during strength workouts A Fitness trainers frequently spot their clients too closely. Occasionally, a competent coach or trainer will employ tactile cuing in order to teach the athlete how to engage the appropriate muscles. Also, during heavy squats or bench presses, or difficult exercises such as ball crunches, always employ a good spotter. Otherwise, unwarranted close proximity to the athlete is distracting and even dangerous. A good power rack (a favorite is made...

The High Intensity Mistake

Many champions have developed outstanding physiques training for the pump. That doesn't mean their workouts were easy. It's just a different kind of intensity. One of the arguments for short bursts over longer periods of activity is the comparison of sprinters to long distance runners. Sprinters tend to have legs that would make most bodybuilders envious. Long distance runners, on the other hand, have thin, stringy muscles. That pretty much proves the notion that brief bouts of exertion build muscle better than voluminous training sessions, doesn't it failure being the only effective stimulus for muscle growth is as idiotic as claiming aerobic capability can only be increased if you reach the state of near cardiac arrest. The truth is, there is no such thing as failure. There's only that point within a given range where your brain and nerve endings say enough Yes, it's imperative to get as far into the pain zone as possible in order to grow. But you don't have to live there every day...

Ten Steps To Killer Quads

In order to get the most out of those heart pounding, nausea inducing leg workouts, the following ten tactics will provide a guide towards achieving optimum growth in minimal time. No one ever built massive quadriceps from doing leg extensions. Have you ever tried cheating your way through a leg workout by utilizing only leg extensions If so, I'm sure you realize that the results are far from impressive. The leg extension is great as either a finishing movement or as a pre-exhaust exercise. In order to achieve the best results, leg extensions must be used in conjunction with a compound movement. The main reason for the leg extension's lack of effectiveness is that it's essentially an unnatural movement. Where in life does the leg extend against resistance in that manner The squat, on the other hand, is the basis for all leg movement. When it comes to training legs, if you're not feeling up to a hard workout, don't go to the gym. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone...

Taking part in other sports pros and cons

People who are starting to practise Qigong o.ften ask if it is all right to participate in other sports such as swimming, football, tennis, weight training and so on. There is no reason why you should not continue to enjoy these activities, but you will of course be using up the Qi that you have stored. This is because fitness training in the West is based on the principle of 'No pain, no gain'. People push their bodies until they are hot, sweaty and exhausted, after which they need to eat and sleep in order to recharge their energy.

Putting It All Together

Many of the exercises listed in this chapter appear to be easy. For example, the Plank looks like a simple exercise. WRONG Try to hold the Plank for five minutes. The burn throughout your abdominal wall and core will be unbearable Each of these stationary exercises provides an intense workout for the body and mind. You have to push yourself to continue. Always look to improve your time. For example if you can hold the Plank for 1 minute, try to push yourself towards 2 minutes. Keep challenging yourself and you will continue to improve. Do not settle with your current strength and fitness. I know athletes who work the abs with 4 sets of 50 crunches. These guys have been following this routine for as many years as I can remember They never change exercises or increase the number of repetitions. They may have the six-pack look but are all show and no go. The fitness industry makes millions of dollars each year with abdominal equipment and fad diets. You do NOT need ANY of these abdominal...

How Often Should I Strength Train

For young athletes I try not to have them train 2 days in a row. Once again though, there is never an absolute here. I know this variety thing is getting confusing & perhaps annoying, but it all depends - some wrestlers go to a club 5 days a week for 2 hours, then train with me 3 times a week. When this is the case, I always take caution to keep workouts brief and to the point, often lasting 35 - 40 minutes. In addition, those 3 workouts will vary so as not to over stress the central nervous system (CNS). If your CNS is run down then you will not make gains Strength training tears down your muscles. They get stronger from rest and proper nutrition. If you wrestle at a club in the off season then your body is under even more stress. At the least take one day off from strength training in between each workout, and if you feel you need it, take 2 days off after you do a strength training work out. There is now law stating you must train 3 days a week. You can still strength train the...

The Science of Martial Art Training

eccentric ) training can be very useful for both strength and hypertrophy development, but extreme care must be used for the sake of safety. Because this type of training can cause extreme soreness and muscular weakness, it should not be used during the competitive period, or prior to difficult skill-development workouts.

NO BS Training Tips

For the athlete in need of gaining more weight (often the case incoming high school wrestlers at a lighter weight class), eat a calorie dense post workout meal Glass of grape juice Steak cheapest. Many of the cheap ones have empty calories and a ton of sugar. Do not confuse a weight gainer for a protein shake or a meal replacement shake. So remember, learn to eat regularly, especially breakfast and post work out meal. These two meals are key and get you functioning at a quality level. Force yourself to rest in order to reap the benefits from strength training. Cycle the intensity of your workouts to keep your body responding as opposed to adapting to doing the same thing day in and day out. Never strength train two days in a row if you have just done a full body workout, unless you are performing a GPP day (again, lasting no more than 20 minutes). If you are still sore after a day of rest, then take another day off or perform some active rest activity which helps alleviate soreness...

Characteristics Of Shuai Chiao

From the point of view of modern athletics, Shuai shiao is a sport which has benefits beyond the general advantages of participation in physical activity (e.g., physical fitness, general health, mental alertness, enhanced coordination, etc.). The study of Shuai Chiao enables the student to defend himself without weapons. Because the emphasis of the art is to subdue the opponent as painlessly as possible, the art is regarded primarily as one of throwing techniques. However, it also teaches punching, striking, kicking, grabbing, controlling, breaking and other effective martial techniques to employ if necessary.

The Science off Martial Art Training

Such as running, cycling, stair climbing, swimming, rope-skipping, and so forth. This aerobic foundation is what creates the necessary machinery which will serve to create a better anaerobic working capacity later in the cycle. In other words, as aerobic fitness improves, athletes are able to work harder and longer before reaching the lactate threshold.

The Goal Of A Strength Program For Young Athletes

As I have mentioned previously, the young athlete who is new to resistance training can make improvements by following the simplest exercise programs. Make sure each workout is short & intense enough to reap the benefits, but not so grueling where you do not want to come back for more. I like to leave my athletes wanting to train a little bit more. This keeps them coming back with great energy each workout. A strength training program is not going to make you feel like you just finished a wrestling practice. We are training for strength & power, so the workout will obviously be different Do not approach strength training like a marathon.

Muscle For Mr And Mrs Everyone

LaLanne designed many of the exercise machines himself and personally worked with each gym member. The gyms proved so successful that a fellow bodybuilder by the name of Vic Tanny decided to go national and open a chain of gyms across the country. He had the right idea but it was twenty years too soon. Vic's lofty dream of profiting from bodybuilding proved to be a little too radical. The franchise went bankrupt less than two years after it opened. The novelty was wearing thin. People were enjoying the post war economic boom and getting back into the good life. The quest for bigger cars and homes replaced the desire for bigger muscles. It looked as if the fitness craze was finally over.

Creating Your Own

Let's take a look at some of the equipment I recommend and then, it's all up to you. If you want to purchase the stuff, go for it. Or, you can simply make your entire strength and conditioning routine revolve around the body weight calisthenics shown in the training manual & the DVD. The environment we compete train in is unpredictable and dynamic. Not only does a stability ball make sense to use for your program, they are scientifically proven to be more effective because they activate the nervous system more In addition to the unstable movements, you will be working more muscles during each exercise, especially stabilizer muscles. These are the small muscles that keep joints and ligaments in place and make you less prone to injury. This is a key factor when performing any exercise because as wrestlers many injuries occur to the joints (knees & shoulders). You want to choose the exercise(s) that gives the highest benefit to you and our sport. In addition, when choosing exercises for...

What Goes Around Comes Around

BOB KENNEDY Photographer, writer and muscle building authority who ia also the publisher of MuscleMag International, which is the longest running bodybuilding magazine to date. Bob still maintains his enthusiasm for new and interesting theories that will more effectively help people reach their bodybuilding goals. He's also the originator of the Pre-Exhaust principle of training which is a staple of many a successful bodybuilder's routine. Bob continues to expand on every aspect of health and betterment. He also publishes the women's publication, Oxygen and more recently launched the men's health magazine, American Health & Fitness. JACK LALANNE The man who refuses to age Jack was perhaps the most successful of the early fitness pioneers. His exercise television show was one of the longest running programs in history spanning over 20 years. To celebrate his birthday each year, he would swim across the San Fransico Bay to Alcatraz pulling a tugboat And he'd do it handcuffed (Just to...

Looking Back At Aerobic Training

The primary focus of this chapter has been on anaerobic conditioning drills. This does not mean that we should completely neglect aerobic training. Aerobic training has a purpose and is important. Anaerobic training will provide more sport specific benefits but it is important to develop a solid base of aerobic fitness. Boxing, wrestling, grappling, and the martial arts are primarily anaerobic in nature. These sports consist of explosive bursts of energy. These are the most common Warrior activities.

Concluding Thoughts

It is important to allow yourself rest between intense conditioning sessions. It is equally important to develop a solid foundation of fitness before jumping into these routines. I recommend 4 weeks of moderate paced running before starting the interval and sprint routines. Always remember that you must build your house of fitness on ROCK not sand. If you rush into these exercises, you are asking for injury and excessive soreness.

Six Essential Nutrients

There are six primary nutrients that are essential for all Warriors. These nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water. Each of these nutrients assists in optimizing our physical fitness. Our intense training will deplete these nutrients, hence the importance of a scientific nutrition plan. When you lack these nutrients, your performance will suffer. I would prefer for my opponent to suffer

The Heart Of The Matter

And in case you haven't heard, weight training is exercise. Which brings me to my next point. When I was studying to get my certification to be a personal trainer, there was a point where the instructor told the class that weight training will not improve one's cardiovascular condition, to which I just had to say, excuse me Um, professor. Are you suggesting that if you were to take a previously untrained individual and put him on a weight training regime for six months, that at the end of that time he would show no improvement in cardiovascular ability than from the day he started The instructor looked me square in the eye and said Yes.


Put your feet against something hard, like a wall, you do not have to put them under anything. Cross your arms in front of your chest or hold both arms in front of your chest. DO N0T PUT YOUR ARMS BEHIND YOUR HEAD. This hurts your neck. DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY BACK to the floor. It is not necessary and does more harm than good. I like to lean to the right for about 50 sits up, then lean to the left side for 50 sit ups, and then do 50 in the middle. This gives a good workout to my obloquies as well as my stomach muscles. I like to do sit ups for at least 10 minutes.

How Much Fat Carbohydrates And Protein

The final source of energy is protein. Protein is the least efficient source of energy. If you rely on protein for energy, you are asking for muscle soreness. Protein is more important for growth and repair between workouts. Let protein do its job Protein is very important during intense training sessions. When you train hard for long periods of time, more muscle tissue is stimulated which means more muscle requires repair. You need extra protein to meet the demands of intense training. Consider the following scenario. You bust your ass with an intense Warrior workout. You get tired and cannot continue. Basically you have hit the wall . You have used up all of your glycogen and have no energy left. Lactic acid has reduced you to a fallen Warrior. So far so good. All this means is that you are busting your ass with some intense training. The problem occurs when you fail to refill your glycogen stores before your next workout. Your body will turn to protein for its energy needs. Your...

Additional Supplements

Intense training draws Glutamine from our muscle tissue which leads to soreness and slow recovery rates. So what is the solution The solution is to supplement with Glutamine following your workout. By supplementing this amino acid, we counteract the drop in muscle protein synthesis. You will experience faster recovery rates. When we overcome soreness, we are able to train harder, thus realize greater improvements in our physical condition. Supplement with Glutamine immediately following your intense training session. I recommend mixing the powder form with a drink or protein shake. Creatine Monohydrate - Creatine monohydrate induces an increase in body mass while increasing muscular energy reserves. Creatine augments energy levels by increasing the availability of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), the organic compound that yields energy for muscular contraction. Supplementing with Creatine will cause moderate weight gain due to water retention by the skeletal muscle. Creatine will...

Tempo Contrast Method

This is an interesting method of varying your training. You will be varying the speed of the exercise during the same set of an exercise. For example, on the barbell squat, let's say you have a weight where you can complete 10 perfect reps. On reps 1 and 2 you lower yourself slowly, taking 8 seconds, and up slowly, taking 5 seconds, then on reps 3 and 4 you move quicker, 4 seconds downs, and maybe 2 or 3 seconds up. This allows the athlete to work the muscles differently, and keeps the body responding to a new stimulus. In fact, as a beginner, before you increase your weights, try using the tempo contrast method for 3 weeks. This is a safer way to intensify your workouts as a beginner as opposed to lading the weights on. It also gives you more time to master your exercise technique. If you are doing an exercise incorrectly, it doesn't matter how heavy of a weight you are moving Do not worry about what your friends are doing in the gym. Focus on your own progress.

He Attains Cultivation Energy Who Does the Cultivation

Some people have said Don't other cultivation ways nowadays also practise among ordinary people However, they are all aimed at promoting the healing of diseases and physical fitness. Genuine cultivation towards the high dimensions has never been made public except for these schools which teach only one disciple for each generation. Those who genuinely teach their disciples have already taken them away to give them private teachings. Over the years, who has talked about such things in public Nobody has done it. Our cultivation way has hereby stated this because ours is just such a cultivation way, and we attain cultivation energy this way. In the meantime, over ten thousand things from our cultivation school will all be planted onto your Chief Spirit to enable you to indeed attain cultivation energy. I have mentioned that I have done something nobody has ever done before, and have opened the largest door. Some people have understood these words of mine, and what I have said is really...

Additional Tips For Weight Loss

The Kick Ass and Stop Whining Rule - OK, let's get to the most important weight loss tip. The best way to lose weight is not with some magic pill or potion. The best way is by BUSTING YOUR ASS with the Warrior workout. Forget all the nonsense, you need to work hard to get the results you really want. Let's kick ass and leave the whining for our opponents when we knock them into oblivion

Circle Walking to Train Physical Strength

Training physical strength while executing the circle walk practice can be accomplished in a variety of ways. If the practitioner wants to train the legs, he or she can walk in a very low posture or walk very slowly holding each step with the weight on one leg if the practitioner wants to train balance and stability he or she can execute a walking technique which incorporates high steps, or walk the circle on top of bricks if the practitioner wants to train the respiratory function or improve cardiovascular fitness, he or she can walk very fast for an extended period of time.

How Do You Put It All Together

At this point, you may be slightly overwhelmed by the multitude of training routines. How can you find time to include each workout How do you put the pieces together to create a complete training program After all, there are only so many days in a week, and only so many hours in a day

Guidelines for Instructors and Coaches

After reading these common sense guidelines, readers may wonder why the following information on sports and fitness-related problems is presented. In response, knowledge and understanding of such problems can assist individuals to avoid them (in consultation with the attending sports medicine expert). Furthermore, information is presented to prescribe exercise protocols that will assist in the recovery process or in avoiding further complications resulting from the exercise.

Pa Kua Chang Related Periodicals

Qi The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness Insight Graphics, Inc., P.O. Box 221343, Chantilly, VA 22022 - Steve Rhodes and his crew at Insight Graphics continue to provide readers with interesting information relating to all aspects of Traditional Eastern health and fitness. The magazine is produced in a very high quality format. Journal of Asian Martial Arts 821 West 24th Street, Erie, PA 16502 - This is a high quality publication which provides well researched articles in a scholarly fashion.

Creating A Recipe For

What are your training goals and objectives Are you training for general fitness or preparing for a world title fight Sit down and really think through your answer to this question. It is important to identify your training goals. Your goals will play a major role in constructing YOUR routine. For example, if you are fighting for a world title, you must dedicate a significant amount of time to training. To be the best, you must train the best. 2. What is your current level of physical fitness Are you beginning an exercise program for the first time Are you an experienced athlete 5. The next step involves selecting various forms of training to include in your workout. A few options include

Teaching Sparring So Students Wont Quit Personal Contact Versus Full Contact

Few areas of training can define martial arts spirit more clearly than sparring. From 1984 until about 1989 I was training three times a week in a dark, nasty boxing gym with American karate legend Joe Lewis. The only reason we would miss the workouts was the scheduling challenges his seminars sometimes presented. The fighting was hard, brutal and as intense as you can imagine climbing into a 12 foot by 12 foot ring with the man named as the greatest fighter in the history of karate could be. He taught me that the fighting should be as real as possible. He also confirmed my opinion that point karate had little value in instilling the tenacity or attitudinal conditioning necessary to go three rounds with anybody, which we agreed should be a minimum standard for a professional black belt.

Lets Look At An Example

This routine includes 5 days of skill training, 3 days of core training, 3 days of conditioning, and 2 days of strength training. The strength training days will involve a total body workout. These workouts have been placed at opposite ends of the week to allow time for recovery between workouts. Balance training and flexibility work should be included during each day's warm-up session.

Week Strength Conditiong Program For Wrestlers

(weeks 1-2) workout 1 Body Weight (perform 3 x week for 2 weeks, keep switching the order of the exercises every workout, train on non consecutive days) -perform this program for 2 weeks (6 tmes) (weeks 3 - 4) workout 2 (follow same para maters as above for 2 weeks - 6 workouts total) (week 5-6) workout 3 free weights and BW (do 4 total workouts, twice ea. week -take 3 days off in between ea. workout, switching the order of exercises each timeOn off days, perform extra general physical preparedness (GPP) 2 x week GPP workouts should be relatively short, 15 - 20 minutes preferred GPP activities (week 9) workout 5 out door training (perform 3 total workouts, varying exercise order each time)

The Athletes Most Important Virtue The Open Mind

Also, resist the human tendency to classify new information as simply bad or good. Simply listen. Observe. Consider. If the information seems logical and there is no reason to discard it, then conduct an experiment of one, using oneself as the guinea pig. Carefully integrate the new technique or method into the training plan. Allocate a reasonable period of time to evaluate the effectiveness of the experiment. If it seems like sport-specific fitness has improved, that indicates at least a reasonable assurance that this new element has a place in the training plan.

Every Day Will Not Be Your Best

Tuesday and Friday would be perfect for high intensity upper body workouts. You must balance your upper and lower body intensities to ensure maximum results while avoiding over-training a particular muscle group. A common question that I receive is whether or not it makes sense to perform pushups (or any other bodyweight exercise) on a daily basis. Unfortunately the correct answer involves more than a simple Yes or No. You should not perform pushups to complete exhaustion every day. It is beneficial at times but not for every workout session. Failure training is valuable as a means to measure progress and develop indomitable willpower. However, training to failure every day will lead to over-training which is why you must balance your intensity throughout the week.

What are the important principles when standing in San Ti

Qi The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness Insight Graphics, Inc., P.O. Box 221343, Chantilly, VA 22022 - Steve Rhodes and his crew at Insight Graphics continue to provide readers with interesting information relating to all aspects of Traditional Eastern health and fitness. The magazine is produced in a very high quality format.

Training Ingredients For Combat Athletes

Skill training - If you participate in competitive athletics, skill training will be very important to your success. All of the conditioning in the world is useless if you lack the skills necessary to deliver your technique. Boxers, wrestlers, and mixed martial artists often dedicate 5 or more days per week to skill training. Bodyweight exercise is very useful to these athletes. You can perform a strength or conditioning routine either before or after your skill training session. Many of the routines that I have created do not take long to complete. I designed these routines to be intense, without taking up too much of your valuable training time. I did this to accommodate those athletes who spend considerable amounts of time in the boxing gym and dojo. These routines will maximize your strength and endurance as quickly as possible.

He Jin Han 1993 Bagua Video

He Jin Han studied very hard and by 1985 his teacher had given him permission to teach on his own. He now teaches Ba Gua at two different locations in Taipei and has about 40 students. Currently He Jin Han is an officer in the Taiwanese Army and so he has not had as much time to dedicate to teaching martial arts as he would like. However, he has periodically appeared on television in Taiwan teaching fitness exercises which he based on the principles of Ba Gua. Because Ba Gua teaches the practitioner about how to use the body in the most efficient way possible, the principles of Ba Gua can be applied to any physical activity.

History And Structure Of Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

(3) The physical discipline consists of three main components fighting techniques, combat conditioning and combat sports. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program is a weapons based system beginning at assault fire and moving to the four elements of the fighting compnent rifle and bayonet, edged weapons, weapons of opportunity, and unarmed combat with unarmed combat having a role across the entire spectrum of combat. The various armed and unarmed combat techniques are combined as part of the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program to produce the combat conditioning component. It is the sinew of what every Marine must be prepared to execute to seek out, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and movement or repel his assault by fire and close combat. This is how we win our nation's battles, fight the three block war, and what ensures success during the final 300 meters of combat. It is battlefield oriented, combat equipment based and develops in the Marine the ability to overcome physical...

Quickly realized that it would take a lifetime to become good at Pa

Even Single Whip Squatting Down echoed Pa Kua's Swallow Skims the Water. Then, the slow turning in of the feet into a V step of Single Whip could be seen in the omnipresent V step and T step of Pa Kua. I quickly realized that it would take a lifetime to become good at Pa Kua, and secondly that it required a degree of physical fitness which is beyond the reach of most people, certainly of part time students, which included me. This said, it did not and does not prevent me or anyone else from enjoying training and study. We can taste the wine, even if we cannot drink the whole bottle.

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