After studying San Soo for so many years what was it that attracted you to the internal arts

San Soo is an excellent combat oriented style, but I was hearing stories about "qf (#1) and other kinds of "internal power" and that interested me. I studied a lot of "external" and I wanted to see what that "internal" was like. I could see the eventual limitations of something that was more externally oriented as you got older. I wanted to understand more about the internal and one of the things that attracted me to Xu Hong Ji's school when I learned about it was that they were very combat oriented. A lot of the people I ran across that taught the internal, especially Tai Ji Quan, did a lot of form, qi gong, breathing, and pushing hands, but when it came to actual fighting, they weren't very proficient. In the Tang Shou Tao schools, there was a great emphasis on practical combat ability. The students at these schools were all very proficient fighters. I was very happy that the Tang Shou Tao school emphasized practicality in martial arts. Although the Xing Yi was quite a bit different than the San Soo, it was based on the same principles I was looking for in studying a combat efficient martial art.

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