After studying with Chen where do you go

After studying with Chen Zuo Zhen, I went to study with another Tai Ji teacher named Lin Ah Long WIsL ). Lin is the best Tai Ji Quan fighter that I have ever met. The only thing he had ever studied was Tai Ji. A lot of people I met that did Tai Ji and knew how to fight had also done other things as well. Lin Ah Long had only practiced Tai Ji and had started that when he was in his teens. He was very soft and very relaxed. He changed a lot of my ideas about how to generate power and opened my eyes to the power of the "soft" martial arts. I studied with him for two years. He did a short version of the Yang form and a small frame version of the Chen form as well as some qi gong. His martial arts instruction was also very practically oriented.

Lin Ah Long was dead set against using set techniques so, besides the form, we practiced basic fa jing exercises and various kinds of push-hands, always with the underlying principles of softness and non-opposition of force. While I was with him, we went to Japan to a big health fair and demonstrated the Tai Ji form and various fighting applications.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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