After you left the Tang Shou Tao school where did you go to study

Next I studied with a teacher named Chen Zuo Zhen I met him through his senior student, Tom Harbough, who had been in Taiwan many years and lived in the same place that I did. Chen Zuo Zhen grew up in the central part of Taiwan and was an inner door disciple of a very famous White Crane teacher who invented his own branch of the White Crane called Xu Xi Dao, a combination of the Southern crane and Tai Ji Quan. Later on, when Chen moved to Taipei, he studied Xing Yi Quan with Cao Lian Fang (t M), a famous Xing Yi teacher from Shanghai. He studied with Cao Lian Fang for 15 years and was one of his two main students. He practiced Xing Yi and Yang style Tai Ji. The Yang style Tai Ji came directly from the Yang family. Cao Lian Fang had studied with one of the Yang family members before he left the mainland. The Xing Yi was from Cao Lian Fang's teacher Jin Yun Ting who was one of Shang Yun Xiang's (

i^ #) top students (see Pa Kua Chang Journal Vol.

Cao Lianfang Taiji

Xu Hong Ji was Tim Cartmell's first teacher after he moved to Taiwan in 1984

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