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After studying with Lin Ah Long, I met a man surnamed Xu. I was interested in studying with him because I wanted to learn more of the Chen style of Tai Ji. Xu was an older gentleman who had been a colonel in the Guo Min Dang Army. Near the end of the war he was in Hong Kong and through his connections had met a spy there who was a Chen from the Chen village. My teacher learned the old frame and Pao Chui forms of the Chen style from him. I studied with him for a year.

Next I went and studied with a teacher named Gao Liu De «/ it-) who was very good friends with my Tai Ji teacher Lin Ah Long. Gao practiced all the internal styles, but his main style was Yi Quan. When he was young he'd gone to Hong Kong and studied Yi Quan with one of Wang Xiang Zhai's (i # #) top students, Han Xing Heng, for seven years. He was also a big influence on my ideas about martial arts. Like Lin Ah Long, he was also extremely soft, but had incredible power. He was a minimalist in his martial arts. He talked a lot about simplicity in training and simplicity in movements. He was one of the few internal martial

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