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I first met Xu Zhen Wang - also known as

Ahney) in 1984 while I was studying Xing Yi Quan with his father, Xu Hong Ji (If At the time Xu

Zhen Wang was teaching classes of his own in several universities in and around Taipei. I immediately "took" to Xu Zhen Wang. He was a very open and honest individual and despite his considerable skill and successes as a full contact tournament fighter, he was friendly and unassuming.

Unfortunately, after I had been with Xu Hong Ji for just a few months, he passed away. Xu Zhen Wang accepted me as his only private student and trained me one-on-one for the next year. For the following two years after that, besides private lessons, Xu Zhen Wang also gave me the opportunity to train with his school brothers (my "uncles") as well as allowing me to act as

his teaching assistant. Xu Zhen Wang is the epitome of a well rounder instructor. In class, he was always attentive to the individual needs of his students, always encouraging one towards improvement and inspired a trust and confidence that is rarely found in most teacher-pupil relationships. In recent years, Xu Zhen Wang has retired from teaching, devoting himself to his family and career.

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