David Nicoletti Vince Black Mike Bingo and Tom Bisio left to right all students of Xu Hong Ji posed together at the 1995 North American Tang Shou Tao instructors conference

because he had a lot going on there in Taiwan. He was working to develop his credibility at the time and the covey of top students he had were gaining a reputation for being about to "kick ass and take names." He couldn't just take off.

I think that in 1974 or 1975 he was able to take his first trip. That was primarily to go to Price's location and bolster him. He wanted to see what he could do to get something rooted in the States. After Vietnam, I had returned to Colorado, but by the time Xu Hong Ji first came to the United States I was back on active duty again and back in that submersed world. He had to rely on the others that were over there. Shiganaga was in the Air Force and he had left Taiwan. So looking for outposts in the United States, he went to Price's school. The probability at that juncture was that this could go, I mean, Xing Yi could grow outside

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