The Teaching of Xu Hong Ji An Interview with Mike Bingo

The following interview was conducted with Mike Bingo in February at the 1995 North American Tang Shou Tao instructor's conference in St. Louis. Mike Bingo, a thirty-three year veteran of Army Special Forces, was one of Xu Hong Ji's first American black belts, having studied with him starting in 1968. Mike Bingo was appointed by Xu Hong Ji to be the President of the United States Tang Shou Tao Association, however, due to his military career and frequent travel overseas he has kept a low profile in the past. This April, Mike Bingo will retire from military service and begin teaching martial arts full time in Denver. He is also making an effort to bring together the various Tang Shou Tao students of Xu Hong Ji in order to help fulfill Xu's dream of passing on the Tang Shou Tao art in this country.

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