Tim is shown here with another of his Yang Style Tai Ji teachers Lin Ah Long

artists that I had met who had been in many knockdown drag-out street fights and every time he had knocked his opponent unconscious at first contact. He didn't teach publicly at the time, but because he was good friends with my Tai Ji teacher, I had the opportunity to study a little bit of Xing Yi in addition to the Yi Quan system with him.

After that, I was ready to go back to the states, but I was very interested in studying Ba gua. I had studied for a short period with a teacher who was primarily a Xing Yi teacher and I had learned some of Gong Bao Tian's fS 5Jf ®) circle walking forms. I practiced with him for about a year, but he didn't have the complete system and all we did were forms, so I really didn't pursue that.

I looked around and went to visit Zhang Jun Feng's ( Vk^'fy) wife, Xu Bao Mei I talked to her about teaching me Ba Gua, but she said she was retired from teaching. I visited her several times and brought gifts, but she just wouldn't teach. So I had to give up hope of studying with her.

Not long after that, a friend of mine, Marc Brinkman, called me and said he had a good Ba Gua teacher who was starting to open up a small class and he invited me to come. I went and met Luo De Xiu ). His Ba Gua was excellent and he was an open and enthusiastic teacher, so I started to study with him and stayed with him for almost five years. The last five years I was in Taiwan I primarily studied with him.

During that time I also made several trips to mainland China. I had been there twice on my own and met a few teachers. In 1992 I met Dan Miller in Taiwan and went to the mainland with him to act as an interpreter and I was able to make a lot of connections through working with Dan. Subsequent to our trips together I made two trips on my own specifically to study martial arts with some of the teachers I had met. I studied some Xing Yi with Liang Ke Quan ^L W-) in Beijing and I made a special trip to study Ba Gua with Sun Lu Tang's daughter, Sun Jian Yun

I also studied Sun style Tai Ji with Sun Lu Tang's grandson, Sun Bao An That last trip occurred right before I moved back to the states.

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