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The feet are in the "chicken step," that is usually interpreted to mean 70% of the weight is on the back leg with 30% on the front leg. However, the 30% weight on the front leg means the weight of the leg itself, almost all the bodyweight is on the back leg. Extend the front leg and lightly touch the floor with the bottom of the foot. If you put weight on the front foot so that the foot "spreads out" under the weight, then there is too much weight on the front leg.

Keeping the weight on the back leg aids in mobility, one can move forward or backward without shifting weight. The front arm is extended naturally with the forearm rotated inward with the palm facing down. This twists the radius and ulna and decreases the chance of injury to the arm it if is struck. The fingers are spread naturally and the wrist is bent only slightly, bending the wrist too much cuts off the flow of energy from the arm to the hand. The rear arm guards the solar plexus area and "the elbows do not leave the body." The index finger of the front hand is in line with the nose. You should feel as if the palms are bathed in warm air. The breath should be full and natural and the whole abdomen should expand when you inhale (even around the kidneys). Continued practice will strengthen the body against blows. The hips are held level without tilting the pelvis back or pulling it under. Standing practice should be balanced with moving practice.

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