Xu Hong Ji demonstrates Xing Yis Beng Quan Smashing Fist during a visit to the United States

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Xu Hong Ji teaches his skill at Chinese bone setting at Vince Black's school in Yuma, Arizona. All of Xu's students were required to study Chinese bonesetting and manipulation.

of Taiwan, He wanted the school to grow up, and be many. So he began to set up schools in Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Xu Hong Ji came to the United States, predominantly the West coast, on a number of occasions to teach here, but he was never going to immigrate here and never spent a lot of time here. There may be a thought or conception out there among the Americans, because of what has been said by those that did not know him, the prejudice from Hong's school, or simply because of the fact that he was not well known here, that Xu Hong Ji's name doesn't stand in high eyes. If that perception is out there, I would want to dissuade anyone from even thinking about that. If there is a populace out there, be they from the United States, Canada, or Red China, that thinks for a moment that Xu Hong Ji was any less than a superlative teacher and master of his art, they are definitely wrong!

Now that you are ready to retire from the military, what are your plans?

I'm going to set up a Tang Shou Tao Kwoon in Denver and pass on what I was taught and take an active role in bringing together those of us who had the opportunity to study with Xu Hong Ji. I would like to say that for all of the other folks that studied with him through the years, whoever they are, that times are changing and it is time to pursue Xu Hong Ji's dream that the American students get their butts together and get on line and start putting together the teaching and passing it on to worthy and willing students who are out there and ready to learn. We owe him that!

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