Zhang Jun Feng 1902 1974

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Before moving to Taiwan in the late 1940's, Zhang Jun Feng (see Pa Kua Chang Journal, Vol. 3, No. 5) studied Xing Yi Quan from Li Cun Yi and Ba Gua Zhang from Gao Yi Sheng in Tianjin, China. Zhang Jun Feng brought his martial arts to Taiwan and began teaching a group of ten students around 1949. Hong Yi Xiang was among the best of Zhang's original group of students, and was one of his best fighters. Prior to studying the internal arts with Zhang Jun Feng, Hong had also studied Shaolin and had been exposed to Japanese styles of martial arts during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. This early training naturally influenced his teaching.

During the late 1950's to the mid-1960's, one of Hong's top students was Xu Hong Ji, who subsequently branched off from Hong's school and opened his own school in the mid-1960's under the name Shen Long (Spirit Dragon) Tang Shou Tao (#H M -f - it). Like Hong, Xu had also studied the Japanese style martial arts and some Shaolin before practicing Xing Yi. This lineage is depicted in the photographs above.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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