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By only giving him a small taste he knows that I used morality to overcome his violence and now he respects me

According to Sun Jian-Yun, her father used the I-Ching to predict the exact date and time of his death. The year of his death (1933) a German doctor in a Western hospital had examined Sun and said he had the body of a 40 year old (Sun was 73). Shortly afterward he said that he wanted to return to Pao Ting because he had not been there in 17 years. When he went to Pao Ting he took on 18 new T'ai Chi students and said that these were his last students. After he had taught these students what he wanted them to learn, he went back to Beijing and announced that in one month he would die. A good friend of Sun's had died recently and so his family

How the Students of Falun Dafa Should Spread the Cultivation System

After the session, many students feel the cultivation system is very good and want to teach it to their relatives and good friends. You can do that. You can spread it and teach it to anyone. However, there is one point I want to emphasize. We have given you so many things which cannot be measured in value. Why do I give you these things They are meant for your cultivation. Only when you cultivate, can you be given these things. That is to say, when you spread the cultivation system in the future, you should not make use of them to seek after fame and gain. Therefore, you are not allowed to hold sessions and collect fees as I do. As we need to print books and materials and go around spreading the cultivation system, we need money. Our charge is the lowest in the whole country, but we have given the most for it. You have realized that we are to guide people up to the high dimensions. As a student of Falun Dafa, you are required to keep two points in mind when you go out to spread the...

Simultaneous Cultivation of Zhen Shan and

It's not easy to forbear when confronted with problems. Some say, If you don't hit back when beaten, don't talk back when slandered, or if you forbear even when you lose face in front of your family, relatives, and good friends, haven't you turned into Ah Q 53 I say that if you act normal in all regards, if your intelligence is no less than that of others, and if it's only that you have taken lightly the matter of personal gain, no one is going to say you are foolish. Being able to forbear is not weakness, and neither is it being like Ah Q. It is a display of strong will and self-restraint. There was a person in Chinese history named Han Xin54 who once suffered the humiliation of crawling between someone's legs. That was great forbearance. There is an ancient saying When an everyday person is humiliated, he will draw his sword to fight. It means that when a common person is humiliated, he will draw his sword to retaliate, will swear at others, or will throw punches at them. It's not...

The Integration of Ba Gua and Xing Yi

Gao Sheng Gua Zhang Weapons

As we discussed in detail in Pa Kua Chang Journal, Vol. 4, No. 3, the fusion of Ba Gua and Xing Yi began with the friendship between Li Cun Yi and Cheng Ting Hua f M. . Research indicates that Cheng Ting Hua was probably the first Ba Gua man to study Xing Yi and Li Cun Yi was probably the first Xing Yi man to study Ba Gua. Cheng Ting Hua and Li Cun Yi had been good friends since they were very young and they shared their martial arts training as well as their martial arts students. Many of Cheng Ting Hua's Ba Gua students, including his two sons, studied Xing Yi from Li Cun Yi, and many of Li Cun Yi's Xing Yi students studied Ba Gua from Cheng Ting Hua. Li Cun Yi, although usually listed as Dong Hai Chuan's Ba Gua student, actually studied the majority of his Ba Gua with Cheng Ting Hua. It was natural that the training and execution of the two arts began to influence each other at this point in time and has continued to do so in these lineages.

Baguazhang PaKua Chang

Baguazhang or bagwa as it is called is my second internal art. It is said, in China, that a student is only ever able to study two of the internal arts. Most usually, study Taijiquan and either Baguazhang orh'sin-i ch'uan. It is said that it is just too difficult to study all three internal arts and take them to their internal levels. Sure, anyone who is good at copying movement is able to learn all of the physical movements of all three. However, it is 'only the fool' who believes that he is able to really study all three and learn the intricacies of the internal parts of all three. There was a time in my youth when I romanced learning all three, but now I am so glad that I did not as I have found that it takes a lifetime of hard work to understand only two. In addition, as I have only been studying for half a lifetime, I too am not there yet However, I do know something of Taijiquan and Baguazhang so I have presented these two arts in as much detail as possible in this brief...

Traditional Relationships and Teaching in Esoteric Martial Arts

I know from my own experience trying to teach street people what a drain it is to teach those who can't or won't learn. All of my students have confirmed for me how much more fun it is to teach smart people regardless of their physical skills. It's easy to see why Takamatsu would love having Hatsumi for a student. You would give your left nut to teach a real genius, it's so much fun. In expanding our venturesome militaristic societies, the study cf unarmed combat is considered in the province of gentlemen. In a democratic, business oriented society, it is too often limited to disciplining children, entertaining adults, or being studied by thugs. It is a lengthy, painful growth process to learn the real thing as the levels of risk and your avoidance skills expand. Neither raw intellect nor great physical skill compare well to the lessons cf endurance. The master or guru and disciple or deshi relationship requires deep bonding and closeness. This is a relationship and friendship for...

The New Idea We Ought To Have

Appreciating the verity and sheer beauty of this ideal enables us to understand why the Buddha wanted us not to slight the unlearned and not to slight those who offend us. Everybody can attain Buddhahood. Those who are ignorant and confused may learn and gradually become more and more learned and virtuous. Those who commit offences against the precepts and rules may confess and gradually accomplish more skilful moral behaviour. With such ideas in mind we can have sincere friendships with other people, and not just take advantage of them. We should sow true kindness containing no seed of war. Consider yourselves to be equal to others. Never consider yourself superior.

Buddha Came to Save and Protect Us

The birth of Buddha in this world has also brought us warmth. Warmth comes together with light. For instance, when the sun rises, there is light as well as warmth. The warmth in this world is manifested in the love between spouses and siblings, the sincerity among relatives and friends, and the dedication to one's community and country. However, when the worldly love and friendship break up, they instantaneously become enemies. This is the coldest and cruelest thing that can happen. The radiance and compassionate blessing of the Buddha is the only one that would never abandon any sentient beings.

Strong Alliances Help Everyone

Although ninja clan lords caution young ninja against putting nonclan considerations over the goals of the clan, they do not discourage ninja from forging friendships with people who are not of the clan. There are two reasons for this, both of which are very practical. Second, if the ninja forges real friendships with other members of the party, it helps him keep from turning into a paranoid wreck. If he has no real affection for any member of the party, he will be a more suspicious and less trustworthy member others in the party may sense this.

Han MuHsia Fights the Russian

Russian Fight Conditioning

Later the Russian went to the Martial Arts Association in Tianjin and wanted to make friends with Han Mu-Hsia. Li Tzu-Yang was there and told the Russian that he shouldn't have shown up because Han would want to beat him to death. The Russian said that he admitted defeat so there was no reason for them to be enemies. This story was published in a Chinese martial arts book which told of the fight and had pictures. A letter written by Kangtaier and printed in a Russian newspaper said that he didn't think he would run into anyone as strong as Han Mu-Hsia. He said Han

He Could Confess To Them

The ninja could confess at least part of the truth to his allies, admitting that he is a ninja and he has other allegiances in addition to his friendship with them. He would have to convince them that he is no danger to them and has genuinely been their friend in spite of his divided loyalties.

Tim is shown here with another of his Yang Style Tai Ji teachers Lin Ah Long

Artists that I had met who had been in many knockdown drag-out street fights and every time he had knocked his opponent unconscious at first contact. He didn't teach publicly at the time, but because he was good friends with my Tai Ji teacher, I had the opportunity to study a little bit of Xing Yi in addition to the Yi Quan system with him.

The Kundalini Experience

According to the transpersonal psychologists who research in this area, most of the people go through spiritual crises and the ones who have a full-blown kundalini experience tend to retire from society. I can understand why. Things get strange and you have no one to share your experience. Visual and auditory hallucinations or strange energy rushing through the body, were seldom discussed in my circle of friends. Prolonged altered states that do not go away are hard to explain when you do know what's going on One kundalini survivor I interviewed went for more than twenty years without saying a thing about it until he met me, as he had no idea why he was the way he was, only that he was radically different in his perceptions and much smarter, stronger, and faster than anyone he knew. He did not even discuss it with his wife or family. He had constructed a very comfortable life but was without friendship.

Grandmaster Yip At Hong Kong

Bruce Lee Body

Amongst the students of my father, Bruce Lee was one of the most well-known. Bruce Lee met Grandmaster Yip Man at Hong Kong, when he was studying at the St. Francis College. Bruce Lee's father, Lee Hoi Chuen, was a good friend of my father. They were fellow natives of Futshan. The close relationship between Bruce Lee's father and Grandmaster Yip Man, coupled with Bruce Lee's jealous inclination towards martial arts and his assiduity in his studies, resulted in my father's dedicated coaching for the boy. And before the end of the third year of learning Wing Tsun techniques from my father, Bruce Lee had to suspend his martial art lessons, for his had to leave Hong Kong for taking up academic studies in U.S.A.

A young Liu Yun Jiao second from right poses with his Liu He Praying Mantis teacher Ding Zi Cheng and some of his

Another time, in a place called Bao Ji, the head of a Kai Feng martial arts school named Ma Jin Yi ( & A), a Liu He Xin Yi Quan il practitioner, met with Liu to discuss martial arts. After a lengthy discussion, the two crossed hands. During the contest, Ma struck forward at Liu's mid-section. Liu, using a technique from Ba Ji called lift the window, borrowed strength from his opponent and added to it with his own arm strength, lifting Ma off of the ground. The next day Ma brought Liu a certificate making him an advisor to his martial arts school and the two became good friends.

So Tung Hai Chuan didnt create Pa Kua Chang

As was the case in those times, anyone with a reputation for being a skilled fighter was often challenged. One of Tung's visitors was Yang Lu-Ch'uan, founder of the Yang T'ai Chi branch. Instead of fighting, they sat down to a feast with plenty to drink. As they ate, every once in a while, one would try to score a point on the other with his chop sticks. Each time one would move to attack, the other would neutralize the attack. It's said their friendship and mutual respect grew. They exchanged training and practicing methods. What resulted from this was Tung creating a special form mixing some of the elements of T'ai Chi with Pa Kua Chang.

Cheng Ting Huas eldest son Cheng YuLung

Professor K'ang said that in 1894 Ch'eng T'ing-Hua and his good friends Liu Te-Kuan, Li Tsun-I, and Liu Wai-Hsiang, came together to form an organization to help improve the level of their arts, increase harmony within the martial arts circles, and raise the skill level of their students. This brotherhood consisted of Ch'eng representing the Pa Kua Chang school, Liu Te-Kuan (who had studied Hsing-I with Liu Chi-Lan, and T'ai Chi with Yang Lu-Ch'uan) representing the T'ai Chi Ch'uan school, and Li Tsun-I and Liu Wai-Hsiang representing the Hsing-I Ch'uan school. These teachers banned together and agreed that any student who studied with one of them, could freely study with the others. Through their corroboration the three teachers improved their instructional techniques and decided that the three arts, although each having their own special points, were of the same family.

Fu Chen Sung practicing his Dragon Style Pa Kua Chang

Bow Sim Mark

While at the Nanjing school, Fu had the opportunity to research martial arts with many of the country's other top practitioners. Sun Lu-T'ang and Fu often shared information on Hsing-I, Pa Kua, and T'ai Chi. Fu offered helpful suggestions to Sun when Sun was developing the Sun Style T'ai Chi form. Fu's own T'ai Chi style, which he created later, was heavily influenced by the Yang and Sun styles. This influence was no doubt formed through his friendship and sharing of martial arts knowledge with both Sun Lu-T'ang and Yang Ch'eng-Fu. In October of 1938, during the war with Japan, the Provincial Martial Arts Academy and the Ching Wu Association Schools were closed down (parts of the Ching Wu School were relocated to Macau and Hong Kong). Fu stayed in Canton and became the assistant director of the Northern Canton Martial Arts Academy and the martial arts instructor for the People's Anti-Japanese Athletic Group. In 1945, after the war with Japan was over, Fu began to teach in various...

Strange Stuff that Wont Seem So Strange after a While

Using a lively style and the languages of transpersonal psychology, meditation, esoteric magic, and kundalinl, Glenn Morris recounts his amazing adventures and hair-raising close calls while training and then practicing as a master of martial arts, following in the tradition of the legendary Togakurc Ryu of Japan, whose fighting techniques and lore inspired the fascination of westerners with Ninja warriors, lie offers guidelines on how to tell sham from authenticity, how to keep friends while developing power, how to voyage safely into the inner landscape, and how to deal with dark forces incarnate and disincarnate. At the same time, he provides exercises, tests, and adventures for the courageous as well a a spiritual and ethical compass.

Sha Kuo Cheng demonstrates the Lion Opens its Mouth Posture from the Lion Style Pa Kua Chang

Swallowing Postures

Just before 'liberation (communist take-over) in 1949 Sha moved to Kunming in Yunnan Province. In Kunming he settled down. In all the places he had traveled, he studied with anyone who was good in martial arts. After interacting with many very skilled martial artists, he became humble and never showed off his skill. He spent many years sharing and comparing skills with such notable martial artists as Wang Chih-He and Ma Hsing-I. They were all good friends and enjoyed studying the martial arts together. After 1949 the government made Sha a martial arts instructor and he was the head of the provincial martial arts team in Yunnan. He often told students that it is easy to study some moves and call it martial arts, but is very difficult to perform good martial arts. He told them that he had been fortunate because he studied with some very good teachers who knew real martial arts. He advised them that they should all cherish the knowledge and practice hard. He never said that one martial...

Exchanges with Interesting People

Shihan Kevin Millis and I are good friends and often share our thinking and reactions to things and events around us. I think of myself as a fairly down-to-earth, middle-aged, middle-class college professor with Midwest values. I was visiting with Kevin and his parents near Malibu and asked him one afternoon what being around me was like. He said, Being around you is like being around a Martian. You are a Midwest Mork with no Mindy in sight. I was saddened to hear that, as I thought I was learning to fit into the California Lifestyle. I was even beginning to like the Lakers and contemplating learning to rollerblade in Venice. A good friend once bought me a Christmas gift of an hour's therapeutic massage from a French masseuse who had been trained in Sri Lanka. She was very skilled and every now and then would lift her hands off me to measure or test my energy fields. She had never worked on a chi kung practitioner before. Not too many hang out in deepest darkest Lansing. So her...

Brief History Of Shuai Chiao

Japanse Judo Tekens

As part of keeping good diplomatic relations, the Emperor would invite the allies from outside the Great Wall for the supreme Shuai Chiao meets. These matches were held to increase the bond of friendship among them. The Emperor himself would journey to the games to greet and welcome the allies. The official team would compete with the Mongolian wrestlers, and the victor would be the one who could drop his opponent to the ground first.

Screwing Up Higher Sexual Practice

Given the record of sexual gurus in this country, I'll suggest that you're probably better off to experiment on your own or with the cooperation of a good friend and lover. You're not supposed to get too attached to the body. You might put a lot of so-called experts and professionals out of work if you really started to pay attention. The development of chi greatly alters your perspective It has been said about American men that maintaining one's lawn is more important than maintaining one's friendships. After the age of thirty the making of new friends is rare for men as most of our energy is put into getting ahead. It is a sad commentary on life in modern industrialized civilization that the very pursuits that create a comfortable lifestyle for our families can blight personal development. Even successful women have not relaxed the pressure on men to succeed. Success is measured financially. If women are sex objects, then men are success objects. Most embrace the system with little...

Slow Discourse On Push Hands Part I Partial

Push Hands can be considered as a type of cultured combat, the form being more refined, content abundent, striving for meticulousness, opposing coarseness, therefore focused on fighting with intellect and skill, disdaining fighting with strength. Even though emitting jing's results are relatively shocking, hitting a person over 3 and half metres is a common thing, but this is not normally like external martial art's bumping hand, hitting until the nose is green and the face is red. Not only can we from it raise our skills in attack and defense, as well as a friendly competition, not only moving and lively, also winding and lingering, if being emitted jing by an expert, also can be deeply feel shock till it moves the soul, the attack being the same as being electrocuted. Many of those studying Taijiquan, once they meet they love to Push Hands, to the point to becoming Push Hands addicts, this is because within there is some kind of interest, outsiders are not aware of this. The...

Ths thid oath dutv

A ninja's dedication to his duty often causes conflict with those outside his clan. Ninja do not make friends and allies easily the mission is always foremost. Since a ninja's mission often involves dishonorable acts such as espionage, assassination, sabotage, or theft, the ninja seldom risks trusting those outside his order. A ninja must fulfill his mission without exposure, for if discovered he risks terrible retribution upon his brethren and his lord. The path of shadow is a lonely one, and the responsibilities of the ninja are great.

As the Campaign Ages

Foreign heroes electing to stay in the Orient could achieve the status of samurai and attain great political power through alliances with the daimyos of the land. Meanwhile, the ninja PC will be rising to prominence in his own clan, perhaps becoming its lord. He will have to direct the actions of his ninja in the field (a task handled in behind-the-scenes correspondence between the DM and the player) while engaging in the politics of his land. He will use his resources to strengthen his clan, to aid his friends, and to promote causes he considers just, while keeping his clan's ninja background a secret and covertly working against the clans who oppose him. Such machinations requires political alliances, so the ninja's old friendship with other PC lords is


A ninja might ingratiate himself with a daimyo and then demonstrate, through convincing logic and carefully arranged situations, how that lord's good friend of many years is betraying him to another lord. The most skillful of ninja can make the daimyo believe all these conclusions are the lord's own.

Chapter Seven

I asked my good friend and senior instructor for the WTBA and authority on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wally Simpson to write this chapter putting forth the T.C.M. view of what Qi is. Wally has at this time one video production covering Chinese Massage and related topics. You could contact him via the WTBA should you wish to purchase the video. It is well worth a look for anyone seriously interested in T.C.M.

By Andrew Dale

In the research of Zhang Jie the story is a little different. Kuo was on his way to challenge Tung and stopped to visit Ch'eng T'ing-Hua, an acquaintance he knew who was a student of Tung's. Ch'eng advised Kuo not to challenge Tung since Tung had never been defeated. Kuo also had never been defeated up to that time and it would damage his reputation if he lost. Taking this as an insult, Kuo thought Ch'eng should get a sample of his skill and attacked with his famous Crushing Fist. Ch'eng easily evaded the attack and moved inside his house and sat down. The ease and quickness in which Ch'eng could evade his attack impressed Kuo. Kuo hadn't seen anyone move as fluidly and evasively as Ch'eng. He followed Ch'eng into the house to find out more about this art. Ch'eng told Kuo that Tung's ability was far superior to his own so it wasn't a good idea to seek a match. They sat down and compared theory and principles of their mutual arts. This evolved into a friendship and a sharing of the two...

By John D Bracy

Another viewpoint was best stated by a good friend and fellow martial artist. This view is that all martial arts have the potential to be internal and that internal to him meant a special kind of mental state which harmonized with physical expression. He cited Mohammed Ali as an external boxer who was able to box according to internal principles.

Upgrading Xinxing

Cultivation should take place in the midst of tribulations to see whether you can give up and care little about the seven emotions and six desires. If you are attached to these things, your cultivation will not be successful. Everything has its causational relationship. Why can human beings be human It is because of the existence of emotions in human beings. They just live for such emotions, such as an affection for kinsfolk, love between a man and a woman, an affection for parents, feelings, friendship, doing things in consideration of mutual emotions, which embody in all respects. Whether a person wants to do one thing or not, is happy or unhappy, loves or hates something, everything in the whole human society derives from these emotions. You cannot cultivate until you give up these emotions. If you have jumped out of them, nobody can affect you any more. The mind of an ordinary person will not be able to sway you. What takes over in their place will be benevolence which is...

Chang at the Opera

Chang, who was famous for his use of a whip, showed up with a 10 foot whip wrapped around his waist. He had also brought his student Han Mu-Hsia and his good friend and boxing brother Chou Yu-Hsiang with him. Chou Yu-Hsiang had studied Pa Kua Chang with Ch'eng T'ing-Hua and was Kao I-Sheng's Pa Kua teacher. When the three arrived at the temple, Chang kicked the door open and entered. The gangster boss and Yuan Lung saw that there were only three and felt that this was a big loss of face. Chang knew he would be fighting 30 men. The fact that he only brought himself and 2 others to handle them all was an insult to the gangsters. The leader of the gang sent two of the best fighters out to fight with Chang. Chang got his whip, which he had nicknamed Red Cross because when he used his favorite technique, he would whip the opponent twice in rapid succession and leave a red cross on their body where they were bleeding.


Men Bao Zhen was good friends with Xie's father and told him that he would like to teach Xie Ba Gua. Xie's father agreed that it was time for him to move on to another teacher and thus Xie began his training with Men Bao Zhen at the age of 13. At the time Men was in his sixties. Because of the great age difference, Xie called his teacher grandfather. Xie studied with Men for over twenty years and was Men Bao Zhen's last disciple. Xie would frequently stay at Men's home and took care of Men until he died in 1958.

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