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Nail Bending Program

The Bending is a program created by Jedd Johnson to provide users with strength training exercises that help them get stronger hands. The guide provides people the opportunity to reduce their body fat and also regulate their breath. Being an athlete himself since 1999, Jedd understands the importance of strengths and fitness. He has taken part in many Strongman competitions and Grip Strength contests. He coaches and also talks at conferences about his strength abilities. By using the Bending program, the users learn the secret behind building their abdominal pressure and stabilization that will help turn the core into granite. One also learns to express the strength of their upper back, chest, shoulder and their hands in many innovative ways. It contains many exercise techniques, including wrist flexion, wrist extension, ulnar and radial deviation, most of which are known by very few people in the world. This program is not just for the pro, but also for the beginners wanting to learn the art. It provides a complete scheduled program to make you an expert in just a few weeks. Many people believe that nail bending is not a workout. But, Jedd thinks differently. It burns your calories and help you strengthen your entire body. Read more here...

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This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

Grip Authority Training Program

The Grip Authority is the latest grip training program developed by Jedd Johnson, who claims to help men excel in grip strength training. The new method contains a lot of grip strength training topics and feats. In this helpful system, users will get some secrets in order to have a strong grip with a little effort. If you have a limp grip that makes you feel embarrassed every time another dude offers you a handshake, The Grip Authority can help you make it something you can be proud of. Also, as a member of this website you will learn strongman feats, such as card tearing, nail bending, and phone book ripping. Jedd Johnson, himself, is a nail bender, so you are assured of safe and effective grip programs under his care. Whether you are an athlete who needs better grip for your sport, or a hobbyist who wants to learn strongman feats, The Grip Authority will be a great resource site for you. Here, you will get effective workouts that target your hands specifically, so you can achieve your goals for your grip much faster. Read more here...

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Home Made Strength 2 Grip Strength Edition

The Grip Strength System is a revolutionary product designed to teach people to build grip strength without having to spend on expensive new equipments. With many world records behind him, Jedd Jonhson, the creator of this system, has used only the homemade equipment that are easy to get around the house. Many people believe that grip strength is only hand strength, but in reality, it is everything from the elbow down. It also offers many other physical advantages such as hand strength, elbow stability, forearm size and strength, wrist strength, thumb strength and also finger strength. This builds your stamina and helps to improve in sports. Even if you are not an athlete, you build confidence, get stronger hands and improve your neural connection. If you get injured at your job easily, this helps you build your stamina and makes you resistant to injuries. Jedd gives step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the equipment easily. He also explains many different ways to use each of the equipment so that you can enjoy a variety of exercises and get a world-class grip. This is not just a few exercises put together, instead it is well thought of and tested exercises meant to give results. Read more here...

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Steel Grip: The Science Of True Grip Strength

Steel Grip offers real information on building a good grip and gives you total research on what you should do and what you shouldnt. It provides novice as well as intermediate told for grip training. Not only does it helps in building grip strength, but also overall body strength. The tried and tested exercises use unconventional approaches to increase the grasp stamina. In order to build grip stamina, you need different type of training than many other muscular training programs provides. Steel grip all the aspects of the training and allows simple ways to enhance once toughness. Using this program, you will understand how easy it is to create and also keep grip toughness. Once you know the proper details and the right way to do it, enhancing once gripping strength becomes fun, fast and easy. This is exactly what Steel Grip wants to achieve. Whether you have tried the training before or doing it for the first time, the easy methods help you improve your strength without spending on expensive training equipments. Steel Grip provides a grip stamina training system that works and leads to longer, healthier and a much functional life. Being tested, it is also safe than most other methods.

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Mission Specific Activities

With the current-day SEAL teams having had their origin in the Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, and Underwater Demolition Teams of World War II, it is not surprising that combat swimmer operations are still an important part of the Naval Special Warfare mission. These operations may last as little as one or two hours in some situations, and as long as eight to 10 hours in others. You may be swimming on the surface or swimming underwater compass courses with the Draeger LAR V or MK Ifj closed-circuit underwater breathing apparatuses. These operations are often carried out in very cold water thus, hypothermia is a constant concern. In many instances, you will be towing something in the water (usually something with a very rapid rate of combustion), thereby increasing the effort needed to accomplish the mission. Some missions involve exiting the water and climbing up the side of a ship using a caving ladder or other climbing apparatus. These are difficult maneuvers...

Fu Zhen Songs Student Liang Qiang Ya Talks About FuS Famous Tornado Power

Hsing Internal Power Exercise

Liang says that in application, being able to execute the quick spinning motions while remaining centered and balanced is useful when fighting multiple opponents. You can attack one opponent and then quickly turn to attack another without loosing stability, power, awareness, or focus. He states that when fighting, Fu Zhen Song liked to attack his opponent's vital points using his fingers like steel darts. Fu's fingers were like iron rods and a well placed poke would immediately finish the opponent, leaving Fu the opportunity to turn and address any other attackers. In order to help maintain his finger strength, Fu would exercise with a 38 pound stone ball. He would manipulate the ball with his fingers while executing his Ba Gua movements in order to develop finger strength. Liang said that Fu also liked to throw the ball up into the air and catch it on his chest in order to develop his body.

Wrist Twist When Throat Is Seized

Bring your left thumb onto the back of his right hand and your fingers around the root of his thumb. (If Assailant's hand is stronger than yours, you cannot secure the wrist twist by hand strength. You must unbalance Assailant to the point where his hand exerts only 20 of its power. Experiment and study the figures.)

Gao Yi Shengs Ba Gua Zhang

Static Palm Baguazhang

All systems of Ba Gua Zhang include basic training skills. In the Gao Yi Sheng system, the basic training includes eight sets of basic hand exercises (Ji Ben Shou Fa - Js- -f &j, body strengthening exercises, stance keeping or standing exercises, and basic circle walking holding static upper body postures. The eight sets of hand exercises are repetitive hand and arm gestures that the student first practices while standing in one spot, then later practices in conjunction with various footwork patterns. The body strengthening exercises, called Tian Gan ( - i), or heavenly stems, consist of a set of ten exercises, each having several variations, which are practiced so that the student strengthens the torso and develops full body power1. The standing exercises employ two basic

Luo De Xiu Teaches the Principles of Gao Style Ba Gua Zhang Fighting

Post Heaven Bagua

After the seminar participants experienced the solo hand exercises, Luo taught two-person drills which begin to teach the student how to apply these basic hand methods in fighting and demonstrated how Ba Gua Zhang's circular footwork is employed in combination with these basic hand skills. Emphasis was placed on how to use these hand methods to connect with the opponent and get inside the opponent's defenses. Luo believes that when fighting, one should first create the situation and then control the situation. This way the practitioner can always remain a step ahead of the opponent. Creating the situation begins with eliciting a response from the opponent. Controlling

Gong Bao Zhais Teaching Method

Horse Riding Stance Gong

A beginning student who is young, male, and interested in learning the entire Ba Gua Quan system will start by learning basic hand methods, finger strength training, basic waist training, and basic stances. There are three basic standing postures, the horse riding stance - qi ma bu), the bow

No Rules Strength Training

You can choose the reps to be 1 per set on your main exercise or up to 5 per set. I prefer lower reps here b c I will go for an extended time period. Another idea might be to keep doing pull ups and chin ups until I have completed a total of 50 reps. Finish right then & there or maybe follow this up with farmer carry holding heavy dumbbells or pushing a heavy wheel barrow for 10 minutes w some short rest to regain grip strength and catch your breath.

Chinups And Pullups

Another great way to increase hand and grip strength is by pulling yourself up with only 2 or 3 fingers on the bar. This is an advanced movement that I recommend. Lastly, whenever you wish to incorporate a hand forearm workout into your Pull-up routine, use the towel. The thicker grip on the bar will give you amazing hand strength. Give these variations a try.

Second Movement

(a) Turn to your left, slipping your right hand under your left hand grip of the rope, and press your right wrist or elbow against the back of his left shoulder to prevent him from turning to his left. You turn back to back. Slide your right hand under your left hand grip of the rope. Turn your back to him so your right arm and shoulder pushes against the left side of his back to prevent him from turning around to his left.


This is simply a curl performed with a thumbs up position, which increases the involvement of the brachialis muscle (an important muscle for grip strength). Grapplers must implement this exercise judiciously since the gripping muscles are exposed to constant stress during skills sessions. Reverse Curl. This is simply a curl performed with a palms down position, which increases the involvement of the brachio radialis muscle (an important muscle for grip strength). As in the previous two exercises, this is yet another method that grapplers should use judiciously.

Dragon Claw

The Dragon Claw technique is a powerful gripping attack that requires great finger strength. This strength is only acquired after ten years of carrying heavy jars by the mouths in each hand. It is characteristic of the Black Dragon ryu. Ripping a telephone book in half is a demonstration of this skill. Using the wrists, twist and snap the spine of the text, breaking it in two (Figures 21 and 22). Gripping the pieces, rip the pages apart in a single shredding tear (Figure 23). One with this ability can knock a man out by squeezing his skull or rupture him by gripping the rectus abdominus, or stomach muscles.

Jakob Sutor 1612

Edge, slightly curved blade with an integral hand grip. It has a certain resemblance to a large machete. It is unclear if the dusack were made out of metal or were originally employed as wooden weapons for training purposes only. His works concludes with ample coverage of the rapier, rapier and dagger trailing with a few pages covering pole-weapons.

Kung Fu Exclusive

Training is very formal, consisting of Bare Hand Exercises, Weapon Practice, Partner Exercises, and Group Exercises. Ba Ji are the hand movements, Di Tang are tumbling moves, Tung Bi are full arm moves, and Xing Yi are the animal katas. There is also a great deal of time given to Political Training this assures that everyone is conforming to proper Communist Party doctrine. All students and teachers must be accredited by the Central Committee of National Physical Culture.

Advanced Techniques

When adjusting to the variation in distance while throwing in the Negishi Ryu, one cannot make the same simple adjustments possible in Shirai Ryu, where one just needs to turn the blade in the hand. In Negishi Ryu, the hand grip is constant. To make the adjustment to different distances, slight postural changes need to be made, both in the way the hand is held, and the leaning of the body at throw.

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