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The aim of this book is not to teach all of the techniques from each of the disciplines involved in mixed martial arts competition. Such a goal would be virtually impossible in anything under ten thousand pages. It also wouldn't be a book on mixed martial arts. Success in the sport is not based upon how many techniques you know from the striking arts and the grappling arts, but rather how well you can blend essential techniques from the different arts together. As a result, that's what we focused on in the following pages. Meshing techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and wrestling, this book offers a complete mixed martial arts system that both beginners and experienced practitioners can follow.

I've included the techniques that have worked time and again for me throughout the years in competition, but by no means should you stop with what you find here. There are an endless number of ways to blend the striking and grappling aspects of the sport, and you should experiment as much as possible. The sooner you discover what works best for you, the quicker you will rise toward the top of the MMA mountain.

Special thanks goes out to the entire Venn family for helping out with this project, treating the Victory Belt Staff like family, and being so utterly generous. This project is also indebted to Dave Camarillo, Siegfried Krauss, Merrelin Krauss, Mike and Lisa Cordova, Raff Nahabedian, Eric Hendrikx, Oraw R0/;/; and all of the training partners who gave up days of their time for the photo shoots.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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